Amy, wear your mask

When I began drafting this post, I wanted to praise Amy Coney Barrett, the Indiana Federal Judge, whom US President Donald Trump nominated to the Supreme Court.

Among numerous other credentials, Barrett is the mother of seven kids—including two Haitian adoptees, and she has a Down syndrome son. A  Mom on the high court and a Mom of many—what could be better?

I’m also a Mom of many.  Here in Israel, they call us bruchot yeladim, blessed with children, a phrase which has no real translation.

Nothing stretches you like motherhood.  Along with cooking, party planning, and carpool driving, a mom must lead, delegate, and tolerate and love the diverse group of little people under her charge. It’s excellent training for any management role and excellent training for the court. I  had full expectations that Barrett would do an excellent job until I saw the photo of Amy at the Rose Garden with President Trump.

No one wore a mask. No one kept a social distancing. I dont know if they washed their hands. Images like this make me want to scream.

Why cant leaders take this pandemic seriously.?

Okay, perhaps President Trump’s orange skin confers superhuman qualities, but what about Barrett?


I don’t get it, especially since  Judge Barrett claims to be all about life. She’s got the kids to prove it, and she’s a fierce foe of abortion—someone who even cares about freshly conceived fetuses in the womb.

Amy, this would have been a great moment to show how deep your care goes by putting on a mask and distancing yourself from the President.

Yes, it’s unpleasant, but mom’s and judges do lots of unpleasant things.

Are you intimidated by President Trump and the other maskless fools who gathered to welcome you at the Rose Garden?

Do you believe in quack conspiracy theories which suggest that the pandemic is a hoax? I hope not.

Nobody likes masking. Nobody likes social distances, but handwashing these are our only weapons. If we don’t use them, people will die. They are already dying every day.

World leaders lead by example. So do moms so  Amy, get your mask on, or get lost. END

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.