An American Apology

Dear world,

I, an American teenager, am sorry. I am sorry that the American presidency will devolve from a position conditioned with honor to shame. I am sorry that the person with whom your diplomats will now correspond is an ignorant contrarian.

I am sorry that American diplomacy will unravel into misguided polemics and unapologetic grandstanding. Foreign policy will become aggressive, militaristic and myopic. Our new exec’s Neo-Mccarthyism is challenging the world-wide unity (NATO) that protected our planet from nuclear winter. Moreover, our new commander-in-chief regards these agents of death and destruction as disposable, casual toys.

This presumptive demigod will rip our world apart.

I am sorry that my president-elect normalizes chauvinistic and racist rhetoric. My latino friends may now face deportation forces. My Muslim friends, here in America and abroad, may now face legalized discrimination. I am sorry that my president will ban you from my country because you look to a crescent, rather than a cross.

I am sorry that my president elect cheers sexual harassment and rape. Our little girls feel threatened by our president-elect, rather than protected. He wants to revoke universal healthcare and limit a woman’s right to her own body. He, and his running mate, will also promote homophobia and inhibit any social progress.

This man is no hero. He is met with applause when he mocks disabled people. Islamophobia, racism and prejudice were no barrier to his success. No, his defamation and lies have augured him support. I am sorry that we, who were once the richest, most powerful nation on the this earth, will now retreat to insularity.

I am sorry that my president-elect successfully campaigned on hate and bigotry. He appeased the darkest corners of human prejudice. America will no longer be the apotheosis of enlightenment, of inclusion and progress. I am sorry that this republic may shatter into dystopia.

The country the world once looked up to (at least socially) will now become a deplorable, isolated one.

There is but a copse of virtue left in my government. Please God, don’t let it be cut down.

About the Author
Shamma Pepper Fox is a student in a Modern Orthodox high school who is involved in political, religious and humanitarian activism. He lives in Riverdale, NY.
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