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An Evening of Connection in Israel

Anna and Dorit who are visiting from New York.

Our friends gathered from all over Israel for a special evening of connection in Petach Tikvah. The following is based on the lesson by Michael Laitman.  

The first rule of the wisdom of Kabbalah, is that all of Creation is a single system, divided into four parts — Havaya:  still, vegetative, animate and speaking. This includes the corporeal and spiritual; altogether making up one system.

To know this system, to be at the highest/speaking level, we need to pass through from breakage to correction, and feel in this correction all phases of the breakage, and against it — all the phases of correction. We  will connect them all into one system that includes everything — called Adam. 

To know this system, to reach the level of Adam, to be like the Creator — we need to truly feel ourselves in each state along the way. So special souls are given an opportunity to connect in tens, because that constitutes a full parzuf. And this small group of ten is like a mini world. This is where we can verify, learn, feel and prepare ourselves to be Adam.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to many different levels of spiritual work: love thy neighbor as yourself, and don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals, and it was forbidden to reveal during the breakage. Only from the ARI onward, and now that our generation is the generation of the days of the Messiah, as Baal HaSulam called it, we must implement the correction. 

Everything is ready. We are the first generation of the last generation. All this work depends on us. We see how it’s spreading in the world; how the world is descending and giving us all a sense of helplessness. 

So it’s good that we’re meeting in such a great forum, and let us hope that in our prayer and connection, we will advance toward implementation of the goal. Let us learn about the role of our society, and how through our connection, we reach correction. How to do this in our time. 

Workshop question: How do we develop this feeling that we are a special society here in Israel, connected by the upper force? 

Sources read throughout the lesson:

Rabash. Article 1, part 1 (1984) Purpose of Society – 1
This is why we gather here—to establish a society where each of us follows the spirit of bestowing upon the Creator. And to achieve bestowal upon the Creator, we must begin with bestowal upon man, which is called “love of others.” And love of others can only be through revoking of one’s self. Thus, on the one hand, each person should feel lowly, and on the other hand, be proud that the Creator has given us the chance to be in a society where each of us has but a single goal: for The Shechina [Divinity] to be among us.

Rabash. Article 8 (1985) Make for Yourself a Rav and Buy Yourself a Friend – 2
Those people agreed to unite into a single group that engages in love of friends is that each of them feels that they have one desire that can unite all their views, so as to receive the strength of love of others. There is a famous maxim by our sages, “As their faces differ, their views differ.” Thus, those who agreed among them to unite into a group understood that there isn’t such a great distance between them in the sense that they recognize the necessity to work in love of others. Therefore, each of them will be able to make concessions in favor of the others, and they can unite around that. 

Rabash. Article 1, part 2 (1984) Purpose of Society – 2
We need a society that will form a great force so we can work together on annulling the will to receive, called “evil,” as it hinders the achievement of the goal for which man was created. For this reason, society must consist of individuals who unanimously agree that they must achieve it. Then, all the individuals become one great force that can fight against itself, since everyone is integrated in everyone else. Thus, each person is founded on a great desire to achieve the goal. To be integrated in one another, each person should annul himself before the others. This is done by each seeing the friends’ merits and not their faults. But one who thinks that he is a little higher than his friends can no longer unite with them.

Rabash. Article 15 (1989) What Is, “The Righteous Become Apparent through the Wicked,” in the Work?
If their intention is to bring contentment to the Creator, then if they want to increase the work, they must increase the greatness of the Creator, since to the extent of His greatness, to that extent they can annul before Him and do everything they do only for the sake of the Creator. It is as The Zohar says about the verse, “Her husband is known at the gates,” each according to “what he assumes in his heart.” Therefore, in order to have fuel to work, those who want to work for the sake of the Creator must try each day to exert to obtain faith in the greatness of the Creator, since the greatness of the Creator is what compels them to work for Him, and this is all the pleasure they derive from their work.

Rabash. Article 30 (1988) What to Look For in the Assembly of Friends
Each one should try to bring into the society a spirit of life and hopefulness, and infuse energy into the society. Thus, each of the friends will be able to tell himself, “Now I am starting a clean slate in the work.” In other words, before he came to the society, he was disappointed with the progress in the work of the Creator, but now the society has filled him with life and hopefulness. Thus, through society he obtained the confidence and strength to overcome because now he feels that he can achieve wholeness. And all his thoughts—that he was facing a high mountain that could not be conquered, and that these were truly formidable obstructions—now he feels that they are nothing. And he received it all from the power of the society because each and every one tried to instill a spirit of encouragement and the presence of a new atmosphere in the society.

Rabash. Article 9 (1984) One Should Always Sell the Beams of His House
If a society is established with certain people, and when they gathered, there must have been someone who wished to establish specifically this “bunch.” Thus, he sorted out these people to see that they were suitable for each other. In other words, each of them had a spark of love of others, but the spark could not ignite the light of love to shine in each, so they agreed that by uniting, the sparks would become a big flame. Hence, now, too, when he is spying on them, he should overcome and say, “As all of them were of one mind that they must walk on the path of love of others when the society was established, so it is now.” And when everyone judges his friends favorably, all the sparks will ignite once more and again there will be one big flame.

Maor VaShemesh, Devarim
It is known that the most important element is the true connection among the friends. This causes all the salvations and the sweetening of the judgments. When you gather together in love, brotherhood, and friendship. By this, all the judgments are removed and sweetened with mercy, and through the connection, complete mercy and kindness are revealed in the world.

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