An eye for an eye

Israel is the very personification of a nation living, acting and thriving as one and that’s our strength and that’s what we should focus on if we want to win the actual “war on terror” which is the war with Iran and its proxies and allies in the region and we can never have enough of this unity the big Jewish family always has shown especially in the face of adversity and conflict and right now we need it more than ever and I’m going to tell you why.

Right now, government officials are doing what they can to fight and win this war but what is our duty as members of the Jewish community and citizens of Israel? Even though we might think the battle field is where bullets are flying around and soldiers are getting shot but that’s not entirely accurate and that’s not what our enemy thinks. There is another war going on and that’s the battle of truth vs. lies and the cyber space, online communities and social networks would be the battlefield and I should tell you, it’s very intense.

Iranians have chosen their best and brightest who are of course very loyal to their leader, Khamenei, to this online war and they are working night and day to spread their poisonous Shiite ideology and attack us as their most powerful enemy. The latest clashes in Iran which was – according to Iranians – the result of our plans and hence our doing, has made them intensify their efforts against those they consider their enemies; Saudi King and his successor Bin Salman, prince Reza Pahlavi who is the righteous king of Iran acting as the leader of the opposition along with Farah Diba (a member of the Royal family), the group called Mujahedeen and of course Israel which is at the top of their list, all are being targeted by Iranian cyber trolls.

It might seem like a small matter but it’s surely not. Iranians take this cyber war very seriously and so should we. Many of those who participate in these atrocities don’t even get paid and do it because they hate us to their very core. They call themselves the “soft war officers” and in their fanatical point of view, the cyber space is their battlefield and the goal is to hurt Israel and the free world however possible. Coordinated attacks in social media and online communities is a sure sign that these are not just random acts done by a few antisemitic fanatics. This is the latest version of Shiite radicalism which is going viral using an army of youngsters brainwashed and trained to manage tens and hundreds of accounts to make it appear as though they are hundreds of thousands of online users.

It’s true that we should fight Iran no matter what the battlefield or the target might be, but when it comes to Israel we must intensify and elevate our efforts to defend the safety and security of our beloved nation. Not too long ago, such an attack was coordinated and done and our Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was the target. You probably remember the disrespectful and frankly disgusting posts and comments and probably felt as horrible as I did because it seemed like there was nothing I could do. But now that the emotional phase has passed and I can think clearly, I believe I was wrong. There is a lot we can do. Our soldiers and their commanders are doing a great job of keeping us safe but it’s not just the physical safety and security that matters and our peace of mind is at least as important. I don’t know what the best defense is against such attacks but they can delete all those posts and comments – we surely have the power to do so – or train some bright young soldiers whose job is to counter the efforts the Iranians are making and of course launch attacks of our own.

The only democracy in this terror infested region is under attack and they are going for our peace of mind and the safety and security we have won’t be enough if we lose this peace of mind and seeing those radical fanatics insult and undermine our Prime Minister like that was truly disturbing. We must defend our government and government officials just as our homeland and our nation and I think it’s about time we realize how serious this is and attack Iran with such a powerful force that they understand it’s not just a saying but our belief and our way of life and the way we deal with enemies who take a shot at us; “an eye for an eye.”

About the Author
John H. Turner is from NYC, United States. He is a Villanova University student and a strong Republican. He voted for Trump.
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