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An Indian perspective on Israel’s national security

The state of Israel located in the middle east is one of the fastest-growing and developed countries in the world. Today, it is known for its advanced military systems and technological innovation.

Though Israel was founded in 1948, it has been fighting for its recognition and existence for a long time. Geographically, it is surrounded by Arabian & Gulf countries like Syria in the North, Jordan, Iraq, Iran in the east, and Egypt in the south which it deems a threat to their national security. Initially, many Arab countries didn’t recognize Israel formally as a nation until last year in 2020 where 164 out of 193 UN member states recognized Israel. This lack of recognition in the international arena made Israel think about its national security policies in even greater depth.

Israel’s threats go beyond state actors, there are several non-state actors and other organizations that also pose a threat to its security. Conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas have posed a challenge to Israeli security. Many of these organizations have political agendas aimed at harming Israeli citizens, its armed forces, and its vital resources. These agendas have made it difficult for Israel to stand up for itself in the international community. The Israeli government has faced multiple cyber threats and continues to do so. Israel’s current threat arises from Iran, where its government believes that Iranian nuclear missile developments are meant to destroy Israeli soil as well as the entire middle east in general. Thus, this conflict between Israel and Iran would not only impact both sides but the entire region will also suffer from this.

In order to deal with these threats, Israel’s defense budget is approximately 20 billion dollars in military development which is almost 12 percent of its government expenditure. The Israeli air force is always on the frontline whenever there is an internal or external security threat, and it is seen as one of the strongest in the world. Israeli air forces are the “ace” of their defense forces which always plays a key role in wartime. The ground forces are highly proficient in tackling terrorism & maintaining the sovereignty & integrity of the country.

Despite being a small country, Israel is also known as the supplier of arms, weapons, missiles, drones to many countries including India. Its arms export ratio is more than its arms import ratio which makes perfect sense that it has a stronghold over its military advancement, which ultimately strengthens its national security.

In Israel, the law mandates two years of military service for both men and women over 18 years old. Its citizens are well aware of the threats facing the nation and of the importance of building a solid national security strategy, making the hard power stronger.

As an Indian, I regard Israel as a very powerful state concerning its national security policies. A country that invests a lot of money developing high-tech weapons like Arrow, Python, and Spike missiles as well as Iron Dome speaks about a country’s commitment to its security. When a country has leaders as well as citizens who prioritize national security as a goal above all doesn’t want to lose its territory at any cost. Israel’s defensive approach in dealing with its enemy makes other nations think twice before provoking it.

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I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in the School of internal security, defense, and strategic studies at Rashtriya Raksha University, India. It is a centrally funded institution under the Ministry of Home affairs which is primarily devoted to the field of national security and strategic affairs.
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