An Open Leter to Trump’s AS Czar: Elan Carr

Anti-Semitism Czar Elan Carr to give a talk in Tel Aviv.

Elan Carr is coming to Tel-Aviv to speak about Antisemitism in America. Before being appointed as Trump’s Czar on combating Antisemitism, his job had nothing to do with combating antisemitism; he was a Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney in Special Victim’s Unit. So Carr is another political appointee without any relevant experience aside from being Jewish. His lack of experience has been deadly to the Jewish community in the United States. Last year over 7000 hate crime attacks have been committed against Americans. This was a record year after a record year. 57% of all religiously motivated attacks have been against the Jewish Americans, also a record number. However, the record number of attacks are also very different in nature from pre-Trump era attacks.

Since Trump took office, his language unleashed an era that in his words an “end of politically correct language.” For him, this means it is ok to demean women, attack immigrant citizens and refugees, “disloyal” Jews, as well as those who are disabled or in any way different from the White Anglo Saxon male. For the rest of America, it has become an open season on anyone who speaks a different opinion or shows any kind of difference from the current administration in their faith or their approach to values.

This end of PC has created a climate of death threats against journalists who do their jobs to report about Trump white house and hate in America, deadly attacks on journalists, deadly attacks on Muslims and immigrants and of course, deadly attacks on Jewish Americans. White power has surged, hate group number has skyrocketed to record numbers.

At the same time, funding to combat this resurgence in hate and intolerance has vanished. In fact, the ex-AG Jeff Sessions first act at the Department of Justice was to disband the unit tasked with monitoring and preventing white supremacist crimes. He instead focused it on fighting Islamist attacks in America, of which there is virtually none when compared with the litany of attacks against black, Latino, gay, Muslim and Jewish Americans. This act is an attack on all Americans, and as the numbers of synagogues and mosques burned and defaced, the death count of Black, Latino, Muslim and Jewish American rises, there is an absolute lack of action and an absolute lack of call of action from anyone in the current administration or from Jewish Republicans.

So since this is a letter to Elan Carr, I would like to ask him some questions: what has he done to reduce the number of anti-semitic attacks on Jews by clearly liberal side in New York, Islamists in New Jersey and white-supremacists in Pittsburgh, Jersey City and San Diego. What funding and justice department resources have been allocated to make sure that 2020 is not another record year of synagogues defaced and burned, Jews attacked in New York streets and Jews murdered in kosher stores and synagogues. What funding is there to increase awareness of Jewish Americans and the Holocaust, of which less than 40% are aware of today. And most importantly, as a Czar on antisemitism, how will he handle the antisemitism coming from the White House itself.


Bellow is a full list of attacks on Jews in America compiled by ex-antis-Semitism envoy Ira Forman for Moment Institute. If this trend continues and Trump is re-elected, where will we be in 2024?


January 1: Beverly Hills police chief accused of anti-Semitism and racism amid $2.3 million settlement (Fox News)

January 1: Two swastikas drawn outside apartment of elderly Jewish woman in Brooklyn (JTA)

January 2: New Orleans chapter quits Women’s March and cites anti-Semitism charges against national leadership as one of the reasons (JTA)

January 2: Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for sanctions against Ohio doctor who threatened online to give Jews “wrong meds” (Algemeiner)

January 3: SF Café protested because of Zionist owner is hit with graffiti (The Forward)

January 3: DeKalb, Georgia teacher accused of anti-Semitism a year ago is still employed by the school system (Atlanta Jewish Times)

January 4: Bi-partisan bill reintroduced in Congress to upgrade status of State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

January 4: Arizona synagogue vandalized (JTA)

January 5: University of North Carolina Asheville defends decision to invite Mallory as MLK speaker despite antisemitism controversy (Citizens Times)

January 5: Swastika painted on door of Catholic church in Bridgeport draws condemnation of anti-Semitism by local bishop (CTPost)

January 6: Fake bomb with anti-Semitic message left at UC Berkeley (JTA)

January 6: Swastika on Ventura, CA, Reform Synagogue (JTA)

January 7: Michigan synagogue vandalized for the second time in two months (JTA)

January 8: US Jewish groups denounce new Palestinian-American congresswoman for allegedly implying supporters of anti-BDS legislation have dual loyalties (Haaretz)

January 10: Former porn star and convert to Judaism, Jenna Jameson, quits Twitter over anti-Semitic content (Times of Israel)

January 10: Passengers accuse Spirit Airlines of anti-Semitic harassment by crew members (Fox News)

January 10: Local Brooklyn officials denounce anti-Semitic stickers (Greenpoint Post)

January 11: US House passes bill elevating status of anti-Semitism envoy position (Times of Israel)

January 11: Vanderbilt University investigating anti-Semitic vandalism in classroom (WKRN)

January 11: Birmingham Mayor partially retracts his charge that Jews were responsible for the rescinding Angela Davis award (JTA)

January 12: Fairfax, VA police investigating swastika vandalism in local park (Local DVM)

January 13: Jewish man assaulted in Crown Heights and police investigating as a hate crime (Algemeiner)

January 13: Newton police investigating anti-Semitic flyers (Boston Globe)

January 14: Tamika Mallory refuses to criticize Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism (JTA)

January 15: Newsweek reporter says that Israel, Mossad, Chabad are among the third rails of American journalism (JTA)

January 15: Democratic National Committee pulls out of sponsoring Women’s March over anti-Semitism controversy (USA Today)

January 17: Anti-Semitic literature left in Little Free Library box (Toledo Blade)

January 17: FBI arrests man who wanted to attack White House and blow up a synagogue (JTA)

January 18: DC Police investigate anti-Semitic graffiti outside an auto shop as possible hate crime (WJLA)

January 18: Swastika found inside bathroom in Maryland school (WJLA)

January 18: Minnesota School superintendent promises more Holocaust education after social media post of students with Nazi salutes and references to Hitler (Kare 11)

January 18: Tamika Mallory refuses to state whether Israel has a right to exist (JTA)

January 21: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says Jewish community must be protected from antisemitism coming from White House (JTA)

January 22: Congresswoman admits to unknowingly using anti-Semitic trope (Haaretz)

January 23: Republican representatives introduce resolution condemning anti-Semitism and BDS and at the same time singling out two Democratic congresswomen and Louis Farrakhan (Daily Caller)

January 23: Seattle private school teacher is fired for allegedly distributing anti-Semitic letters (770 KTTH)

January 24: Republican state legislator introduces bill adding working definition of antisemitism language to law on discrimination in state educational system (Forward)

January 25: College professor fired for giving Nazi salute to his colleagues in the days after Pittsburgh shooting (JTA)

January 28: Church members on walk to remember Holocaust are interrupted by a driver shouting anti-Semitic slogans (JTA)

January 30: Los Angeles synagogue defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (CBS Local)

January 31: Jewish family sues Colorado school district over charges that reporting of anti-Semitic incidents led to retaliation (Denver Post)

February 1: Two new Muslim-American women elected to Congress are target of GOP attacks and partisan split over what can be considered anti-Semitic remarks (New York Times)

February 1: Dearborn Museum protests firing editor over article covering Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism (Detroit News)

February 3: Another Orthodox man in Crown Heights hospitalized from vicious beating (The JC)

February 4: After praising UK’s Corbyn, Ocasio-Cortez notes concerns over anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

February 5: Trump administration appoints new Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, Elan Carr (Jerusalem Post)

February 6: Trump condemns anti-Semitism and calls out Iran for threatening genocide of Jewish people in State of the Union (Times of Israel)

February 6: US Embassy in Cairo closes booth at International Book Fair over anti-Semitic material (Jerusalem Post)

February 6: Bipartisan group of House members introduce legislation to fund Holocaust Education in schools (Times of Israel)

February 7: Daily Caller White House correspondent apologizes for 2012 anti-Semitic tweets (Daily Beast)

February 8: House Minority Leader McCarthy challenges Democratic leadership to denounce alleged anti-Semitism (San Francisco Gate)

February 8: Anti-Semitic flyers found in University of Montana student parking lot (KPAX)

February 10: Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and Jewish Federations of North America developing hotline for students to report incidents of anti-Semitism on college campuses (Jerusalem Post)

February 10: Congresswoman Omar criticized for associating AIPAC with anti-Semtic trope of Jewish buying political support (Daily Beast)

February 11: Congresswoman Omar criticized by fellow Democrats over anti-Semitic tweet (Haaretz)

February 11: Community forum held after Atlanta area high school defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti (Fox 5)

February 11: Lima, Ohio synagogue reports dozens of bullet holes (JTA)

February 12: Rep. Omar apologizes for anti-Semitic posts (Star Tribune)

February 12: Human Rights Network finds antisemitism more common in Missoula than other parts of Montana (Missoulian)

February 12: Minority Leader, McCarthy rebuffs charges of anti-Semitism in since-deleted attack on Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer (Politico)

February 13: Democratic candidate for open Virginia legislative seat apologizes for anti-Semitic social media posts earlier this decade (Haaretz)

February 13: Anti-Semitic flyers found at Tufts Hillel (Jewish Journal)

February 15: NY Mayor calls BDS unacceptable at rally against anti-Semitism (JTA)

February 15: Vice President Pence accuses Iran of Nazi-like anti-Semitism (Reuters)

February 15: Missoula hit with third round of anti-Semitic flyers (NBC Montana)

February 17: Brooklyn Chabad synagogue vandalized during Shabbat meal (Haaretz)

February 18: Trump signs bill which include more money for synagogue security (JTA)

February 19: Ilhan Omar apologizes for twitter remarks to Jewish organizations (JTA)

Februay 19: Farrakhan blames wicked Jews for attempting to break-up the Women’s March (JTA)

February 21: Congresswoman Omar Ilhan apologizes to Jewish groups for her tweet and says it is up to the Jewish community to define anti-Semitism (The Hill)

February 21: For fourth time this month anti-Semitic flyers spread in Missoula (Washington Examiner)

February 21: New Special Envoy says President Trump is committed to protecting Jewish community (JTA)

February 21: Sen. Schumer and Sen. Blumenthal on hit list of arrested Coast Guard officer. Blumenthal referred to as “bluemen Jew” (JTA)

February 22: Connecticut State Senate candidate fires his campaign manager after she tweeted an alleged anti-Semitic message about their opponent (WFSB)

February 23: Anti-Semitic graffiti drawn on Queens playground (CBS New York)

February 25: IfNotNow chapter at University of Texas protest IDF speaker at Chabad and argue IDF should not be allowed to speak (JTA)

February 26: Downtown LA mural raises anti-Semitism concerns (Jewish Journal)

February 26: After incidents United Airlines meets with Orthodox Chamber of Commerce and vows to fight antisemitism (Channel 7)

February 27: Resolution against anti-Semitism passes Stanford University Student Senate after removal of reference to IHRA definition (Stanford Daily)

February 27: Pittsburgh Presbyterian Seminary conference on racial justice includes anti-Israel presentations and antisemitic tropes (JTA)

March 1: Representative Omar claims she is called anti-Semitic because she is Muslim (Jerusalem Post)

March 1: City University of New York is alleged to have played down issues of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

March 1: Four years after settling a lawsuit an upstate school district still struggling to counter anti-Semitism (New York Times)

March 1: Representative Omar charged again with anti-Semitism after speaking about the foreign allegiances of supporters of Israel (MPR News)

March 4: Rep. Omar refuses to apologize for foreign allegiance comment and Democrats plan to rebuke her with resolution (Roll Call)

March 4: Rep. Nadler condemns Rep. Jordan for email with dollar sign used for the “S” in Tom Steyer’s name (CNBC)

March 5: Newport Beach students build swastika out of red plastic cups and salute it (Washington Post)

March 5: White Alabama teens slur Jews and blacks in video (JTA)

March 5: ADL says white nationalists have upped their activity in neighborhoods and college campuses (JTA)

March 5: Eight staffers fired by US government over Radio/TV Marti broadcast calling George Soros a “multimillionaire Jew” who was the architect of the 2009 recession (JTA)

March 5: Chairman Nadler calls Congressman Jordan’s use of “$teyer” as a both an anti-Semitic and an inane attack (Haaretz)

March 5: Democrats delay anti-Semitism resolution to broaden it to include condemnation of other bias as Republicans call for tougher action against Representative Omer (Roll Call)

March 5: Anti-Semitic incidents in Wisconsin on the rise per Jewish Federation of Milwaukee (WISN)

March 6: Chelsea and Boston soccer clubs to play charity match to support “Say No to Anti-Semitism” campaign (Jerusalem Post)

March 6: House Democratic Caucus Chair, Jeffries, calls out Senate Majority Leader, McConnell, for accusing freshman Democrats of anti-Semitism when he never criticizes President Trump for alleged anti-Semitic behavior (The Hill)

March 7: Two swastikas drawn in blood found in Los Angeles park (JTA)

March 7: US House votes to condemn multiple forms of hatred after initial resolution condemning anti-Semitism alone split House Democratic caucus (New York Times)

March 8: Trump says Democratic party is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish (Washington Post)

March 10: Liz Cheney says Democrats are enabling anti-Semitism (The Hill)

March 10: Philadelphia mosque apologizes for antisemitic remarks made by guest imam (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

March 11: Rep. Wasserman Schultz condemns Trump for saying Democrats “hate Jewish people” (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

March 11: Nebraska Governor Ricketts horrified that a former campaign staffer posted anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic material (KETV Omaha)

March 12: Florida legislature bill would define anti-Semitism and prohibit religious discrimination in public schools (Washington Post)

March 13: Sanders spokesman apologizes for dual loyalty comments about American Jewish community (New York Post)

March 13: Swarthmore student government approves boycott Israel resolution (JTA)

March 13: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in Philadelphia subway station (Jewish Exponent)

March 14: Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster defaced with anti-Semitic graffit (Washington Post)

March 15: Pitzer College president says he will ignore faculty vote to end University of Haifa study program (JTA)

March 15: After New Zealand terror attack President Trump says white nationalism is not a widespread threat (Times of Israel)

March 17: Chelsea Clinton told she is responsible for the New Zealand attack by two NYU students because she criticized Rep. Omar (JTA)

Marc 18: Fall River, Massachusetts Jewish Cemetery vandalized with swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti (Herald News)

March 19: Little-known presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, campaigns against circumcision (Daily Beast)

March 19: Anti-Semitic flyers found near San Fernando Valley school (Jewish Journal)

March 20: Health food store in Ulster, NY fires employee over anti-Semitic remarks to a Jewish co-worker (JTA)

March 20: Secretary Pompeo decries dark wave of anti-Semitism in Europe and the US (CNN)

March 20: Nazi time capsule assignment sets off charges of anti-Semitism in California high school (ABC7)

March 21: SF State settles anti-Semitism lawsuit (San Francisco Examiner)

March 22: Local highway superintendent accused of anti-Semitic remarks (Hudson Valley One)

March 24: Senate Republicans push bills to react to anti-Semitism and at the same time fracture Democrats on the issue (New York Times)

March 24: Women’s March leader shares posts blaming American Jewish establishment criticisms of Sarsour and Omar as a factor behind Mosque shooting in New Zealand (JTA)

March 24: Brown students pass resolution demanding University divest from Israel (JTA)

March 25: VP Pence at AIPAC says Democratic Party captured by purveyors of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

March 25: Pompeo says Labour’s record on anti-Semitism is a disgrace (France24) (also see UK)

March 26: Congressman quotes Mein Kampf to attack alleged lies of Trump adversaries (Washington Post)

March 27: Ilhan Omer communications aide claims anti-Semitism is just a right-wing problem (Algemeiner)

March 27: Chabad House in Flagstaff vandalized with swastikas (Algemeiner)

March 27: Democratic speakers at AIPAC decry GOP failure to call out anti-Semitism on the right as well as on the left (Haaretz)

March 28: Facebook and Instagram will ban white nationalist and white supremacist posts (JTA)

March 28: State Department to fund new programs to counter anti-Semitism abroad (Jerusalem Post)

March 28: Anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic graffiti found outside office building housing Oklahoma Democratic party (SF Gate)

March 29: Pitzer College students call for College president to be removed for his decision to refuse to cut ties with Haifa University (Algemeiner)

April 1: Fairfax County schools apologizes for showing contest-winning art seen as anti-Semitic (Times of Israel)

April 1: Polish Nationalists protest in NYC against restitution legislation while spreading antisemitic and Holocaust denial messages (see also Poland) (Newsweek)

April 1: Columbia Professor says Zionists are beneficiaries of anti-Semitism and claims Israel carrying out incremental genocide against Palestinians (Jewish Journal)

April 1: Los Angeles youth hockey players and coaches suspended over anti-Semitic video and remarks (Sports Illustrated)

April 2: Jewish groups tracking anti-religious violence as US Justice Department has disbanded group tracking domestic terrorism (JTA)

April 2: Seven liberal Jewish groups join centrist groups in backing new compromise anti-BDS legislation (JTA)

April 2: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in three locations including the Democratic HQ in Norman Oklahoma (New York Times)

April 3: Ohio GOP congressional delegation asks Justice Department to monitor anti-Semitism—something the Department already does (JTA)

April 3: Anti-Semitism charges roil Kingsborough Community College (New York Jewish Week)

April 3: Anti-Semitic flyers found in UC Santa Barbara neighborhood (Jewish Journal)

April 4: Knoxville news anchor makes anti-Semitic slur on air and then apologizes (Knox News)

April 5: Pro-Israel student group decries Columbia Professor comparison of Israel to ISIS (Fox News)

April 6: Trump tells Republican Jews that Democrats are pushing an extreme anti-Semitic agenda (Politico)

April 7: Man in Montana arrested after threatening synagogue and other locations (JTA)

April 8: Former Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, says fighting anti-Semitism is more important than casting blame (Times of Israel)

April 8: Washington state man charged with anti-Semitic bomb plot (The Hill)

April 9: Ilhan Omar calls Stephen Miller a “White Nationalist” and is criticized by GOP critics as anti-Semitic (Washington Post)

April 9: Democratic leader in Florida State Senate takes heat for opposing anti-Semitism bill (Politico)

April 9: Denver school vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (KDVR)

April 9: ADL finds anti-Semitic posts on two social media platforms associated with the extreme right spike since Trump’s elections (The Daily Beast)

April 10: New Mexico café owner faces backlash from alleged anti-Semitic post (KOB)

April 10: Anti-Semitic posters found at University of North Carolina library (News Observer)

April 11: Donald Trump Jr. calls out Rep. Omar and Democratic leadership for supporting anti-Semitism (Newsweek)

April 11: More than twenty religious groups call upon Congress to stop weaponizing anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

April 11: Donald Trump Jr. calls out Rep. Omar and Democratic leadership for supporting anti-Semitism (Newsweek)

April 12: Twenty religious groups call for ending the weaponization of anti-Semitism (Times of Israel)

April 13: Orthodox man accuses jailers of anti-Semitic taunts and threats (New York Post)

April 15: Gaza rapper spouts antisemitic comments at conference on Gaza at University of North Carolina (Forbes)

April 15: Trump says Ilhan Omar controls Pelosi (JTA)

April 15: Pelosi makes anti-Semitism on the left the centerpiece of visit to London (JTA)

April 17: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Vanderbilt University library wall (News Channel 9)

April 17: Pelosi says no taint of anti-Semitism in Democratic party and defends Rep. Omar (JTA)

April 18: NJ school district hit with sixth swastika incident in five months (JTA)

April 20: Anti-Semitic comments at University of California at Berkley sparks backlash from Jewish community (Daily Californian)

April 20: Arkansas university accused of honoring holocaust denier with new scholarship (Times of Israel)

April 21: NYU President skips President’s Service Award ceremony, rumored to be due to Students for Justice in Palestine’s pick as one of the honorees (JTA)

April 22: Washington state man who had been arrested for posting threats against Jews on Facebook is rearrested after posting more anti-Semitic threats online (JTA)

April 24: Two Alabama legislators compare abortion to the Holocaust in two pieces of legislation (JTA)

April 26: FBI and police investigate twitter threat against NJ Mayor facing backlash over his response to anti-Semitic tweet (

April 26: Pro-Israel students at NYU file a complaint with the US Department of Education over alleged extreme anti-Semitism at the university (Newsweek)

April 26: Southern Indiana councilman apologizes for using the term “Jewed them down” when discussing negotiating a price on a new city truck (Washington Post)

April 26: Jewish student intern at Michigan State Hillel is threatened and police file “ethnic intimidation” charges against 19 year old (Jewish News)

April 26: Trump defends his Charlottesville remarks by praising Robert E. Lee (Times of Israel)

April 27: NY Times apologizes for publishing cartoon in international edition that included antisemitic tropes (The Hill)

April 27: Gunman with assault rifle who opened fire in Chabad Synagogue near San Diego and killed one and wounded three others wrote anti-Semitic manifesto (LA Times)

April 28: In second statement, NYT fully apologizes for anti-Semitic cartoon in international edition (JTA)

April 28: President Trump calls Poway rabbi to offer his condolences for attack at the CA synagogue (Washington Post)

April 29: Two days after Poway shooting, Florida legislature passes legislation requiring public schools to treat anti-Semitic behavior in a similar manner to treatment of racial discrimination (Miami Herald)

April 29: ADL finds anti-Semitic incidents slightly less in 2018 than 2017, but assaults rose substantially (LA Times)

April 30: French nazi hunter, Serge Klarsfeld, says Jews expect stronger response to anti-Semitism (particularly from far right) from President Trump (Times of Israel)

April 30: Man harasses and lunges at Chabad rabbi in NYC’s upper east side (Times of Israel)

May 1: New York Times criticizes its own decision to run anti-Semitic cartoon in international division, warns about a growing numbness to resurgent anti-Semitism, and acknowledges its historical failure to cover anti-Semitism in the 1930s and 140s (JTA)

May 1: Survey finds 52 percent of American Jews have positive feeling toward Muslims (least Islamophobic of all non-Muslim groups) while 45 percent of American Muslims have positive view of Jews (Jerusalem Post)

May 2: Portuguese cartoonist criticized for anti-Semitic cartoon in NY Times’ International Edition disputes his work is anti-Semitic and says criticism is a result of “Jewish Propaganda Machine.” (The Forward)

May 2: Antisemitic, anti-LGBT, Arizona Preacher is banned from Netherlands (see also Netherlands) (

May 2: President Trump pledges to defeat anti-Semitism at National Day of Prayer service (CBS News)

May 2: In NYC, more than half of hate crimes in 2018 (and to date in 2019) were anti-Semitic in nature (JTA)

May 3: Facebook’s head of policy says that Holocaust denial will not be banned from the platform (Business Insider)

May 3: NYU Department votes to boycott NYU’s own program in Israel (JTA)

May 4: Facebook bans antisemites but will allow Holocaust denial (Times of Israel)

May 5: Senators Cruz and Kaine introduce bi-partisan resolution condemning all forms of anti-Semitism (Algemeiner)

May 5: US Envoy on anti-Semtism says US may review ties with countries deemed anti-Israel (Reuters)

May 6: Another Jewish man attacked in Williamsburg, attack possibly of anti-Semitic nature (CBS New York)

May 7: Children at center program sing about chopping off the heads of Jews to defend Al-Aqsa (JTA)

May 7: Israeli independence day celebration at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee marred by man holding large swastika sign (JTA)

May 8: Attack on Jewish man in Brooklyn caught on camera (CBS New York)

May 8: Miami bagel shop receives threatening anti-Semitic calls (Jerusalem Post)

May 8: Large Swastika painted on factory owned by pro-Brexit, Jewish politician (JTA)

May 8: Williams College president disappointed that pro-Israel group is rejected by student government as a recognized campus group (JTA)

May 9: Arkansas Holocaust commemoration is interrupted by white nationalists with Nazi flags (JTA)

May 9: Valerie Plame, previously criticized for anti-semitic tweet, announces run for open New Mexico congressional seat (CNN)

May 10: Louis Farrakhan invited to speak at Catholic church, denies he is an antisemite while speaking of Satanic Jews (Washington Post)

May 10: Poway gunman said he did it because Jews are destroying the white race (JTA)

May 10: Tennessee Judge says “Jews should get the F**k over the Holocaust (Jerusalem Post)

May 10: Jewish cartoonist, Eli Valley, sparks debate over anti-Semitsm after pro-Palestinian groups use his work on flyers at Stanford (JTA)

May 10: Imam who has likened Israeli soldiers to Nazis gives opening prayer at US House of Representatives (JTA)

May 11: Polish nationalist hold anti-Jewish rally at US Embassy in Warsaw protesting US policy of calling for Holocaust restitution (see also Poland) (Fox News)

May 12: Imam at UC Irvine says fighting and anti-Zionism are not anti-Semitism and criticizes dual loyalty (Jerusalem Post)

May 12: Pro-Palestinian rally in London on anniversary of Nakba includes support from Corbyn, speaker who asks why Jews are in the gutter with extremists, claims American rabbis are behind neo-Nazis who are responsible for anti-Semitic terrorism at Poway (Times of Israel)

May 13: Nine US House members (including five Jewish one) ask Trump to cancel Orban meeting over anti-Semitism, undermining democracy, ties to Putin (JTA)

May 13: Bucknell University poll finds Americans view anti-Semitism as a problem, but differences on what anti-Semitism is based on age and partisan allegiance (Bucknell University)

May 13: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found scrawled on Virginia high school (Newsweek)

May 14: US Envoy says European kosher meat bans is forced expulsion of Jews (JTA)

May 15: Eleven year old sent to principal’s office for telling her classmates to stop making Nazi salute (JTA)

May 15: Daughter of Las Vegas rabbi targeted with anti-Semitic notes at middle school (JTA)

May 15: New England Revolution and Chelsea FC to play London match with proceeds going to fight against anti-Semitism (see also United Kingdom) (CBS Local)

May 16: UCLA guest lecturer says Israel supports colonialist actions that are related to white supremacy and is accused of encouraging anti-Semitism (Daily Bruin)

May 16: Democrats accuse Republicans of turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism on the far right (JTA)

May 16: Harvard Lampoon apologizes for sexualized image of Anne Frank and condemns any and all anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

May 16: Florida man arrested for threatening and spitting on Jewish seniors (JTA)

May 17: Anti-abortion group sends email laced with Holocaust image to Jewish state legislators in Pennsylvania after the oppose anti-abortion legislation (Pennsylvania Capital-Star)

May 17: Boston area police investigating three fires set at two Chabad houses (JTA)

May 19: Two Hasidic youth in Brooklyn harassed by passengers in car yelling “Allahu Akbar” and pro-Hitler slogans (Channel 7)

May 19: Jewish student union sign vandalized with swastika at Boston-area high school (JTA)

May 19: Al Sharpton at Reform Movement event acknowledges stoking divisions between blacks and Jews during Crown Heights riots in 1991 (Channel 7)

May 19: Legislation introduced in US Senate to fund additional security measures for synagogues and other religious institutions (JTA)

May 19: Brandeis President condemns vandalism of Hillel’s Israel week art installation (JTA)

May 20: Pro-Israel group files complaint against NYU for failing to take steps against anti-Semitism coming from a pro-Palestinian group on campus (CBN)

May 20: City leaders in NYC push for programs and funding to tackle rising anti-Semitism (News12)

May 20: Chicago synagogue targeted of arson attack (JTA)

May 21: San Diego State center apologizes for using an image of a Palestinian terrorist (JTA)

May 22: Indiana white supremacist sentenced to three years in prison after vandalizing Indianapolis synagogue (JTA)

May 22: Poll finds 72% of American Jews feel less secure than two years ago (Times of Israel)

May 22: NJ man who allegedly wanted to shoot Israeli march participants is arrested (JTA)

May 22: Anti-Semitic graffiti found in bathroom at S.F. State University (Jewish News Weekly)

May 23: Coalition of Jewish organizations splits over the alleged bias of its anti-Semitism newsletter (JTA)

May 23: NYU doctoral graduate speaker praises campus organizations supporting BDS as he calls Israel an apartheid state and NYU president criticizes the remarks and boycott movements (JTA)

May 23: UCLA student government passes resolution defending SJP from anti-Semitism claim (Algemeiner)

May 24: Chicago High School pulls distribution of year book over antisemitic and white nationalists messages (JTA)

May 24: Police investigating anti-Semitic graffiti painted on Staten Island Synagogue (NY1)

May 25: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and other progressives call out Politico for illustrations about Bernie Sanders wealth that conforms to anti-Semitic stereotypes (The Hill)

May 25: Measles outbreak feeds into rising anti-Semitism against orthodox community (The Atlantic)

May 26: Hasidic woman cursed over measles outbreak by her Uber driver (JTA)

May 26: Nine KKK demonstrators drowned out by hundreds of counter demonstrators in Dayton (JTA)

May 27: NYC police announce 83% increase in hate crimes in first four and one half months of 2019, with anti-Semitism accounting for majority of the increase (Wall Street Journal)

May 28: Official leading Trump’s climate review panel is quoted as saying the demonization of carbon dioxide is like the demonization of Jews under Hitler (Haaretz)

May 30: Palestinian Uber driver kicks two jewish women out of his car after learning they attended an Israel rally (JTA)

May 31: Note reading “Hitler is coming” found on mural at Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn (NY Daily News)

May 31: Resolution submitted at CA Democratic convention which would lay some of blame for Pittsburgh on Israeli government (JTA)

June 1: Surveillance video captures Brooklyn anti-Semitic incident (CBS Local)

June 2: San Francisco neighbors of Holocaust memorial receive anti-Semitic hate mail (Times of Israel)

June 3: Orange County, California man who had kill list of Jewish leaders pleads guilty of planning an attack three local houses of worship (Los Angeles Times)

June 5: NYC Mayor De Blasio criticized for saying anti-Semitism is “Right-Wing Movement” (Jewish Journal)

June 5: New Minnesota LGBTQ bar faces protests after it is found owner has posted anti-Semitic and anti-Israel material (The Forward)

June 5: YouTube will remove more video containing hate speech and racist speech—including videos glorifying Nazi ideology (JTA)

June 6: Peabody, MA organizes rally against anti-Semitism as local Chabad Rabbis are targeted with slurs on Shabbat (JTA)

June 6: DC Dyke march bans Jewish pride flags (JTA)

June 8: Secretary of State Pompeo, vows to push back against Corbyn and anti-Semitism even before elections in Britain (also see United Kingdom) (Washington Post)

June 8: LGBT and feminist groups ask DC Dyke march to apologize for banning Star of David and Israeli flags (Jerusalem Post)

June 10: White nationalist appears to urinate on Israeli flag at Detroit pride parade (JTA)

June 12: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on medical office in Harlem (CBS Local)

June 12: Congress authorizes additional security funds for non-profit institutions, including Jewish institutions (JTA)

June 13: US Senate passes resolution condemning all forms of anti-Semitism (CBS19 News)

June 14: US Army ROTC cadet is kicked out of program over anti-Semitic online posts (Jerusalem Post)

June 14: Man throws NYC subway rider’s phone onto tracks after he is recorded shouting anti-Semitic rants (New York Post)

June 15: FBI investigating anti-Semitic threats against Seattle City Council candidate (The Hill)

June 16: Florida man arrested after threatening to kill minorities, including Jews (JTA)

June 16: California man arrested after threatening in a chatroom to kill Jews in a synagogue attack (Times of Israel)

June 18: Actor John Cusak tweets and then apologizes for anti-Semitic image (JTA)

June 18: Department of Education launches an investigation of alleged anti-Semitism at Duke-UNC conference (Daily Caller)

June 18: Republican Rep. Doug Collins says Democratic Party has become the party of anti-Semitism (Fox News)

June 19: US Special Envoy on Antisemitism, Carr, declares all Jewish synagogues, JCCs and Jewish schools in the United States should have armed guards (Newsweek)

June 19: Trump nominee for UN Envoy vows to fight anti-Semitism (JNS)

June 20: Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, pledges $20 million to fight anti-Semitism (JTA)

June 22: Australian Imam of Peace says anti-Semitism in US is a threat to national security (Jerusalem Post)

June 23: Man who ran over protestor in Charlottesville partially blames his Jewish grandfather for his crime (JNS)

June 23: Hamas MP says Jews hated throughout history, including by Hitler, because of their deeds and everything people say about the Holocaust is a lie (MEMRI)

June 24: Reddit bans group of 60,000 that specializes in thinly veiled anti-Semitic themes (Times of Israel)

June 24: US Holocaust Memorial Museum rejects all analogies between other events and the Holocaust (JTA)

June 25: Man fired from Pittsburgh area restaurant after posting anti-Semitic material on Facebook (Trib Live)

June 26: Jewish leaders in southern California question Orange County Assemblyman over alleged anti-Semitic campaign tactics (LA Times)

June 26: Nearly one in five Americans believe small businesses should be able to refuse service to a Jew if it violates their religious beliefs (JTA)

June 28: ADL warns of growing white nationalist propaganda on college campuses (i24 News)

June 28: Sermon at SF Mosque claims Morsi was killed by Zionist agents working for Sataon (MEMRI)

July 1: School teacher in upstate New York praises Hitler in high school yearbook (JTA)

July 1: Facebook to expand effort to root out white nationalism (Times of Israel)

July 2: Accusations that NYU is anti-Semitic are unwarrented (Times of Israel)

July 2: Synagogues practicing active shooter drills during services (Times of Israel)

July 3: Per the California Department of Justice antisemitic hate crimes rose 21% in 2018 (Jewish Journal)

July 4: North Carolina man who threatened to lynch a Muslim candidate for State Senate posts threats on a Florida synagogue’s facebook page (JTA)

July 6: Cartoonist who drew blatently anti-Semitic cartoon with Soros and Rothschild images is invited to the Trump White House (Time)

July 8: Justice Department to convene summit on combatting anti-Semtism (JTA)

July 9: Controversy over a NJ bill that would prohibit anti-Semitism, including certain types of anti-Israel criticism, in NJ public schools (

July 9: Twitter removes 2018 tweet from Farakkhan comparing Jews to termites (JTA)

July 9: Execution date set for jewish inmate who claims sentencing judge made anti-Semitic statements (JTA)

July 9: Christian United For Israel (CUFI) pushes legislation which would codify the working definition of anti-Semitism when it comes to anti-Semitism on campus (JTA)

July 9: Charge by the Free Beacon that an Elizabeth Warren staffer was sympathetic to Hamas proves to be mistaken (Talking Points Memo)

July 10: Cartoonist who created anti-Semitic cartoon of Rothschilds and Soros as puppet master is disinvited to White House event but continues to defend his work and chargles ADL with libel (JTA)

July 10: AOC’s chief of staff is criticized for wearing a t-shirt with the picture of an extreme Indian nationalist of the 1940s who collaborated with Hitler (JTA)

July 11: Senators introduce legislation to fund Holocaust education in schools (JTA)

July 15: Oregon passes legislation to mandate Holocaust education in public schools as hate crimes spike around the country (USA Today)

July 15: Top Trump officials focus on the “new Antisemitism” at Justice Department summit (JTA)

July 15: ADL warns Trump to stop using accusations of anti-Semitism (The Hill)

July 16: Trump under attack for racism responds with charges of his own— anti-Semitism (Washington Post)

July 16: NJ bill which prohibits discrimination against public school students based on anti-Semitism is opposed by CAIR, Jewish Voice for Peace and other organizations (North Jersey News)

July 16: At Justice Department Summit on Anti-Semitism AJC says that those who call out their political opponents on anti-Semitism must also call it out among their political allies (Yahoo)

July 16: ADL condemns evangelical adoption agency in NC which receives government funds and refuses to place children in non-Christian households (JTA)

July 16: Daily Stormer publisher must pay $14 million to Montana Jewish woman who he trolled (JTA)

July 17: On Israel trip NY GOP state chair charges AOC with encouraging anti-Semitism in NY and says media sweeps antisemitism under the rug (Jerusalem Post)

July 17: Anti-Semitic flyers declaring Holocaust is fake news found around Marblehead, Massachusetts synagogue (The Hill)

July 17: In interview Congresswoman Omar argues she is not anti-Semitic (Washington Examiner)

July 18: Police in Teaneck, NJ identify three men who sprayed synagogue worshipers with a dark liquid (JTA)

July 18: Some pro-Israel organizations criticize Omar for comparing BDS to boycotts of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (JNS)

July 19: House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passes resolution condemning BDS but partisan wrangling over BDS and anti-Semitism continues over other legislation (JTA)

July 19: Man gets 30 months in jail for attacking individual who he thought was Jewish (JTA)

July 19: Senator Hawley’s use of the term “cosmopolitan elites” raises concerns over dog whistle anti-Semitism but others argue it is just a political science term (JTA)

July 19: Trump administration offering $7 million award for information leading to the arrest of AMIA bombers (JTA)

July 20: President Trump falsely claims congresswomen spoke of “evil Jews” (Times of Israel)

July 20: Most Jews want no part of Trump’s feud with “the Squad” (Times of Israel)

July 21: Juvenile suspect is arrested for anti-Semitic and racist graffiti in parks in San Carlos, CA (Mercury News)

July 21: Six Montana rabbis criticize Senator Daine for supporting President’s attacks on four Democratic congresswoman and suggest he meets with them to learn about the real threat of anti-Semitism (JTA)

July 22: In interview Special Envoy Carr states it is problematic to weaponize for political purposes the issue of anti-Semitism (JNS)

July 22: Summer program provides Catholic educators tools to teach about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism (Catholic Spirit)

July 22: Ohio Medical Board to discipline doctor over anti-Semitic tweets (Jewish Journal)

July 22: Cory Booker makes it clear he will not meet with Farrakhan (JTA)

July 23: Pew Research again finds Americans have warmest feelings toward Jews among all religious groups (Times of Israel)

July 23: FBI Director says majority of domestic terrorist cases investigated in US associated with white supremacists (Talking Points Memo)

July 23: Iowa man charged with making anti-Semitic threats to a Jewish group in NYC (Newsday)

July 24: Anti-Semitic poster found at Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Cleveland (Cleveland Jewish News)

July 24: White Nationalist who wanted to kill blacks and Jews in the wake of the terrorist attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg pleads guilty to a gun charge after his family turns him in (Times of Israel)

July 24: Owner of marijuana shop and African American who is converting to Judaism in Lynn, MA stunned to find storefront vandalized with anti-Semitic and racist symbols (Boston Globe)

July 26: Anti-Semitic flyers put out by neo-Nazi terrorist group found in Detroit area (Downtown Publications)

July 26: ADL condemns Farrakahn for charge that “Talmudists” are behind sex trafficking and pedophilia (Jewish Journal)

July 28: Developers sue NY local officials and claim the officials are trying to keep Hasidic Jews out of their jurisdiction (JTA)

July 28: One CNN employee fired and one CNN Arabic guest commentator found to have written blatantly anti-Semitic social media posts (INN)

July 28: Tlaib defends BDS against charges of anti-Semitism and claims she would support boycott of Saudia Arabia or Egypt (New York Post)

July 29: Congregant shot in the leg outside of Miami-Dade synagogue (CBS Local)

July 30: Bal Harbour Synagogue receives anti-Semitic threat mailing (NBC Miami)

July 30: After users tweet “I’m Jewish” in solidarity with victim of trolling, white supremacists begin compiling a list of Jews from the tweets (The Forward)

July 31: Democratic Congresswoman Slotkin says GOP opposes anti-Semitism to influence Jewish donors (Fox News)

August 1: Locals baffled by anti-Semitic graffiti on fence by a Colorado Springs high school (Colorado Gazette)

August 1: Video released of NY State couple engaging in anti-Semitic rhetoric (INN)

August 2: Conference of Presidents organizes a consultation on anti-Semitism (JNS)

August 2: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on doors of elementary school in Minnesota (Jewish Journal)

August 2: NRCC charges Democrats with anti-Semitism (Minnesotta Post)

August 3: NRCC and Congress Emmer accused of anti-Semitism for attacking Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer for funding radicalism in a fundraising letter (Bring Me The News)

August 4: Swastika painted on Jewish owned food truck in Miami (JTA)

August 5: California Department of Education proposal for ethnic studies curriculum is criticized for anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias (JTA)

August 5: Ulster, NY man still awaiting trial after being arrested five months ago for aggravated harassment in an anti-Semitic incident with fellow employee (Daily Freeman)

August 6: Dayton gunman showed a video of Tree of Life killings to a girlfriend on their first date (JTA)

August 7: State Department official outed as white nationalist (SPLC)

August 7: Anti-Semitic and racist graffiti found on garage in Chicago neighborhood (WGTN)

August 7: Jewish advocacy groups voice concern over partisan use of charges of anti-Semitism (Washington Times)

August 8: Swastika found on dorm room of Israeli Jewish twins at University of Indianapolis (JTA)

August 8: Swastikas found painted in Long Island park (Jewish Journal)
August 9: Sarah Silverman responds to a Baptist preacher who called her a “Zionist whore” and wished her death (USA Today)

August 10: Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin ordered to pay $700,000 damages to GW student for instigating troll storm against her (Talking Points Memo)

August 11: Accused neo-Nazi arrested for plans to attack Las Vegas synagogue (Jerusalem Post)

August 11: Brooklyn man charged with hate crime after physical attack on Hasidic man (NBC New York)

August 11: Las Vegas man charged with planning to attack local synagogue (JTA)

August 12: Catholic Commentator is accused of turning a blind eye to his podcast guest’s long recrod of anti-Semitism (CAMERA)

August 12: NYC hate crime unit investigating after more Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg are attacked (CBS New York)

August 12: More than 100 tires slashed in heavily Orthodox Lakewood, NJ (The Forward)

August 12: Orthodox Jewish school for girls in is first in Brooklyn to install bullet resistant classroom doors (JTA)

August 14: California Education Board rejects new ethnic studies curriculum over anti-Semitic bias (The Forward)

August 14: Neo-nazis plaster three Seattle area syagogues with racist flyers (JTA)

August 14: “Juden” carved into door of synagogue in Venice Beach, CA (Times of Israel)

August 15: Las Vegas man arrested in anti-Semitic plots said to be affiliated with neo-nazi group (Talking Points Memo)

August 15: Hundreds of anti-Semitic flyers scattered around corner in Ridgewood neighborhood of NYC (QNS)

August 16: Congressman Lieu apologizes for using anti-Semitic trope in relation to US Ambassador to Israel (Newsweek)

August 16: Omar and Tlaib’s trip was to be organized by a group with history of controversial positions including publishing a blood libel narrative before deleting it and apologizing (JTA)

August 18: Ohio man arrested for online threat against Youngstown JCC (JTA)

August 19: Talib and Omar share cartoon by artist who participated in Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest (Newsweek)

August 20: Two Milwaukee synagogues report suspicious packages and one of them also received threatening voicemail (JTA)

August 20: Fake twitter accounts are impersonating Jews to promote anti-Semitism (Jewish Weekly)

August 20: President Trump says Jews who support Democrats show great disloyalty or ignorance (WSJ)

August 21: Trump doubles down on his disloyalty comments and makes charge against all Democratic party supports not just Jewish Democrats (JTA)

August 21: Arrest made in shooting of elderly man outside synagogue in Miami (JTA)

August 22: NAACP chapter head is fired from his state government job after anti-Semitic social media posts are revealed (The Forward)

August 22: Justice Department sent immigration judges a white nationalist blog post with anti-Semitic message (Buzzfeed News)

August 22: How some evangelical Christians embrace anti-Semitism (Washington Post)

August 22: NY Times editor apologizes for racist and anti-sSemitic tweets (The Forward)

August 22: ADL issues report on Iranian anti-Zionist, antisemitic propaganda (Jerusalem Post)

August 22: Senator Cramer of North Dakota speaks of pervasive anti-Semitism in the Democratic party but then admits that pervasive may be too strong a term (Grand Forks Herald)

August 22: White Nationalist web site publishes pictures of Brandeis students and professors (JTA)

August 23: Anti-Semitic Hitler supporter is arrested for threats against Hispanics (Times of Israel)

August 24: Nadler slams Omar and Tlaib over using cartoon drawn by a participant in Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest (Times of Israel)

August 23: Federal immigration judges receive anti-Semitic blog post from Justice Department (Washington Post)

August 23: Al-Jazeera anchor calls Jews Khazars and Palestinians the real semites (Jewish Journal)

August 24: Nadler slams Omar and Tlaib over using cartoon drawn by a participant in Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest (Times of Israel)

August 24: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Connecticut synagogue (NBC Connecticut)

August 25: American Identity Movement tries to mask its anti-Semitic and white nationalist beliefs (The Forward)

August 26: Historic NY yeshiva is target of apparent anti-Semitic graffiti (JTA)

August 25: FBI seen as stepping up its efforts against far-right extremists (Times of Israel)

August 26: Antisemitic Florida man sentenced to 15 months for death threats against Senator Sanders (The Forward)

August 27: Brooklyn hassidic man attacked with a brick (JTA)

August 27: Flyers found in San Francisco area accuse Jews of responsibility for 9/11. (JTA)

August 27: The executive board of the California Democratic party passes three pro-Israel resolutions (including a defining Zionism as Jewish right to self-determination and support for the IHRA working definition) as well as a resolution on the rights of Palestinian children (JNS)

August 27: Costco sued for clerk’s anti-Semitic remarks (APP)

August 29: Rockland County, NY, GOP committee is slammed for anti-Semitic ad (Washington Post)

August 29: Passaic, NJ, NAACP head claims Jewish media is after him and falsely calling him an anti-Semite (Jewish Journal)

August 29: Chelsea vs. Revolution match raises $4 million to oppose anti-Semitism (see also UK) (Jewish Chronicle)

August 29: Federal prosecutor in NE Ohio charges white anti-Semitic, nationalist and warns extremist “cowards” to avoid violence (The Hill)

August 29: Local man in SF north bay area is linked to anti-Semitic flyers (Jewish Weekly)

August 30: GOP congresswoman claims there are strains of anti-Semitism in Democratic party (NY360)

August 30: ADL and other Jewish organizations criticize program for featuring speaker with an anti-Semitic history (Jewish Journal)

August 31: For the second time in a few days a Brooklyn man who is identifiably Jewish is assaulted with rock (Times of Israel)

September 1: Racist and anti-Semitic graffiti found at NY beach club (New York Times)

September 1: Jewish man in Brooklyn is beaten with his own belt in front of a synagogue in suspected anti-Semitic incident (Times of Israel)

September 3: AOC says one can’t conflate criticism of the government of Israel with anti-Semitism (JNS)

September 3: Jewish man and son stapped outside of Brooklyn synagogue with box cutters (JTA)

September 4: ADL investigating anti-Semitic posters found in two communities in northern California (Mercury News)

September 4: NYC police report over half of reported hate crimes in the city this year were anti-Semitic related (CNN)

September 5: Labor Department official is reinstated after his alleged antisemitic post was actually sarcastic attack on anti-Semitic candidate (Forward)

September 5: Speaker at Tlaib and Omar press conference has traded in libels about Israelis harvesting Palestinian organs and setting loose wild boar and hyenas to attack Palestinians (Times of Israel)

September 5: Rockland County GOP chair vows video attacking Hasidic “takeover” will return (Jewish Journal)

September 5: New York City appoints a hate crimes chief to tackle anti-Semitism (JTA)

September 6: Lawyers for Jewish death row inmate accuse sentencing judge of anti-Semitism and request a new trial (Washington Post)

September 6: Burlingame High School in northern California targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti (Jewish Weekly)

September 8: Historic Massachusetts park vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (JTA)

September 10: Weaponizing of anti-Semitism is seen as an increasing problem (JTA)

September 10: After one anti-semitic incident at a North Carolina high school another students’ mother says she reported an earlier incident but the school failed to act (WCNC)

September 11: Los Angeles synagogue defaced with “Free Palestine” graffiti (Jewish Journal)

September 11: Pasaic Country Freeholder calls upon a Paterson Councilman to disavow anti-Semitism after Council spoke of a developer who tried to “Jew Us Down” in a public meeting (New Jersey Globe)

September 11: Williams College entered into an agreement with US Department of Education to treat all student groups equitably and in particular Williams Initiative for Israel (WIFI) which had benn denied registration by a student government body (Williams Record)

September 11: Ohio man convicted of anti-Semitic assault fails to surrender to prison authorities (Algemeiner)

September 12: Florida man arrested after threatening to shoot up a synagogue (JTA)

September 12: Lou Dobbs uses antisemitic meme of “tentacles” to describe George Soros’ influence (Daily Beast)

September 12: Anti-Semitic 9/11 message painted on “the rock” at the University of Tennessee (Knox News)

September 13: State Department envoy announces new interagency process to combat anti-Semitism (Cleveland Jewish News)

September 13: Anti-Semitic flyers posted on doors of Indianapolis neighborhood (San Diego Tribune)

September 14: Westport, Connecticut legislators condemn anti-Semitic graffiti found at local high school (World Socialist Web Site)

September 15: Hofstra student describes the types of anti-Semitism she faces in dorms and in classes (Jerusalem Post)

September 15: Hand-drawn swastika found in Department of Homeland Secuirty HQ (JTA)

September 16: Three founding members of Women’s March leave organization’s board after accusations of anti-Semitism (CNN)

September 16: Manchester Reform community tells Law Commission about how they experience anti-Semitism (Jewish News)

September 16: Sheriff in Colorado community investigating an anti-Semitic Snapchat (9 News)

September 16: Suspect alleged to have shot at an elderly Jewish man outside of Miami synagogue faces hate crime charges (JTA)

September 17: Swastika graffiti found at Connecticut Middle School (CT Post)

September 17: New Jersey teen accused of swerving his car twice to hit two Jewish men (JTA)

September 17: Homeless man charged with burning down synagogue in Duluth but police so far have not classified it a hate crime (JTA)

September 17: Snapchat by high school students speaks of killing Jews (JTA)

September 18: Anti-Semitic individual who ran for US Senate is now running for local council office to “challenge Jewish power” (JTA)

September 18: Swastika hung on the dorm room of a Jewish student at Tufts University (JTA)

September 18: Hasidic man beaten and robbed in Brooklyn but so far police are not classifying it as a hate crime (JTA)

September 18: Anti-Semitic term of speech unites New Jersey’s congressional delegation and results in call for the resignation of Trenton Council members (CT Post)

September 19: Three Trenton Council members apologize for using or defending an anti-Semitic trope (Washington Post)

September 19: Another L.A. synagogue vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (KFI AM 640)

September 19: Newly appointed Women’s March board member kicked off for alleged anti-Semitic tweets (Jerusalem Post)

September 19: NYPD will increase presence in Jewish neighborhoods during High Holidays (JTA)

September 20: Former Congressman, Senate candidate claimed the Jewish Lobby controls the Republican party (Talking Points Memo)

September 20: Accused Poway speaker tells 911, “I’m defending our nation against the Jewish people, who are trying to destroy all white people” (JTA)

September 20: New Jersey man indicted for scoping out targets for Hezbollah in the United States (JTA)

September 20: Users of Telegram chat app are compiling list of Jews who have been critical of white nationalism (JTA)

September 21: Columbia University hosts anti-Semitic Malaysian Prime Minister (Jerusalem Post) Also see Malaysia

September 22: Demonstrators in NYC call for state of emergency over rising anti-Semitism (10 10 Wins)

September 23: Grounds of Boston area synagogue vandalized with swastika symbols (JTA)

September 24: President Trump condemns Iranian anti-Semitism at UNGA (Jewish Journal)

September 24: Racine synagogue targeted with hateful graffiti (Racine County Eye)

September 24: Another assault against a Jewish man in Brooklyn (Jerusalem Post)

September 24: Second incident of anti-Semitic flyers found on California campus this year (The California Aggie)

September 26: Montana Human Rights Network urges citizens to speak out against the anti-Semitic flyers distributed around the state capitol (abc Fox Montana)

September 26: Report finds 14% increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes in Los Angeles in 2018 (Jewish Journal)

September 26: Colorado State Student government condemns anti-Semitism after swastia incident (Jewish Journal)

September 26: ADL classifies “ok” hand signal as a hate symbol (JTA)

September 27: High school panel recounts incidents of racism of anti-Semitism at Oregon school (KATU 2)

September 28: Anti-Semitic graffiti found at Westchester, NY high school for the second time in a month (abc 7)

September 29: Ohio man is indicted on federal charges for JCC threats (JTA)

September 29: Governor Cuomo boosts state police presence around synagogues during high holidays (timesunion)

September 29: Southeast Florida County Commission passes anti-BDS resolution (JTA)

October 2: Anti-Semitic literature found at Whitefish, Montana business (8 KPAX)

October 2: Brooklyn synagogue window broken during Rosh Hashanah service (JTA)

October 2: ADL head chides Donald Trump Jr. for using the anti-Semitic trope— Soros puppet— to describe Adam Schiff (Twitter)

October 3: Poll in Los Angeles county finds 72% of Jews believe anti-Semitism is a serious problem (Jerusalem Post)

October 3: Report of a teen attacking a Jewish woman by pulling off her scarf and wig (JTA)

October 4: Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC up significantly in the period January-September 2019 (JTA)

October 4: Texas execution halted over claims judge was anti-Semitic (21 CBS DFW)

October 5: Former Fox sports reporter who was fired for comments about minorities and Boca Jews hired by Liberty University (Times of Israel)

October 6: Over 100 left-wing Jewish scholars, including Noam Chomsky and Judith Butler, condemn Trump administration for exploiting anti-Semitism (+972)

October 6: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accuses Trump of anti-Semitism for his attacks on Adam Schiff (JTA)

October 6: Robert Kraft names founding head of his Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

October 7: Students and StandWithUs complaint alleges anti-Semitism at UCLA (San Diego Jewish World)

October 8: Anti-Semitic memes texted between students in northern California high school (The Mercury News)

October 8: Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Yale Law School steps sparks investigation (New York Daily News)

October 8: Group with history of anti-Semitism posts white nationalists stickers on Phoenix college campuses (Jewish News)

October 9: Anti-Semitic material left at Holocaust Memorial in White Plains, NY (The Hill)

October 9: With support from a U.S. Embassy in Warsaw grant, Israel Embassy sponsors a hackathon at Polin Museum to develop apps to fight anti-Semitism (U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Poland) Also see Poland and Israel

October 10: Backpack set on fire on steps of a synagogue in Brooklyn on Yom Kippur (JTA)

October 10: University of Illinois apologizes for anti-Semitism by a student in diversity training (WAND 17)

October 11: Norman Finkelstein delivers antisemitic slurs at Princeton panel highlighting black-Palestinian solidarity (The Daily Princetonian)

October 11: California passes a law that provides financial support for security measures for non-profits who are the target of hate crimes (JTA)

October 12: Drawing the line between anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel (The Economist) Also see also UK

October 13: Flyers with antisemitic and anti-Israel messages left on cars in NJ Township (JTA)

October 22: Anti-Israel/anti-Semitic flyers found in Staten Island community (silive)

October 22: Police investigating after video shows man leaving dozens of anti-Semitic flyers on cars in New Jersey (NBC New York)

October 22: Townhall meeting at University of Nevada discusses swastikas found in residential hall (Nevada Sagebrush)

October 22: Police investigating swastika on Jewish owned law firm (JTA)

October 22: Synagogue in Washington, DC vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti (JTA)

October 23: American Jewish Committee releases poll on American Jewish attitudes toward anti-Semitism (AJC)

October 24: Majority of U.S. media coverage of anti-Semitism focuses on anti-Semitism coming from the left (The Forward)

October 24: At least 12 white supremacists have been arrested for allegedly attacking, planning to attack or threatening Jewish community institutions in year since Tree of Life shootings (JTA)

October 24: Michigan State sukkah vandalized (JTA)

October 24: Jewish activists heckle President Trump with chant of “Trump endangers Jews” at Pittsburgh ceremony attended by Trump (Jewish Chronicle)

October 25: One year after Tree of Life shooting Iowa proclaims Anti-Semitism Awareness Day (The Dispatch)

October 25: Student government at University of Illinois passes resolution denouncing Chancellor and declaring that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitic (The News-Gazette)

October 26: Connecticut synagogue evacuated after two bomb threats (JTA)

October 27: Seattle Holocaust Center vandalized with white supremacist graffiti (JTA)

October 27: HIAS head blames Trump for continued rise of anti-Semitism (Jerusalem Post)

October 28: Two U.S. Senators announce the formation of a Bi-partisan Senate Task Force to Combat Anti-Semitism (CNN)

October 28: Pro-Palestinian students walk out of a presentation by a Holocaust survivor after they equated Israeli treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust and he refused their call to condemn the establishment of the State of Israel (JTA)

October 28: Eight Swastikas found on Smith College campus (JTA)

October 29: World Jewish Congress hosts a meeting of national and regional special envoys and coordinators for combating anti-Semitism (World Jewish Congress)

November 4: Men dressed as Jews hand out Holocaust denial and other anti-Semitic material in a Boulder, Colorado mall (JTA)

November 4: White Supremacists plotted to blow up Colorado synagogue (New York Times)

November 4: Leak purports to record Richard Spencer engaged in vile anti-Semitic rant (Forward)

November 4: Bi-partisan legislation to address anti-Semitism and other incidents of bigotry in Saudi textbooks (Forward)

November 4: NYPD investigating four alleged anti-Semitic hate crimes in one night in Brooklyn (CBS Local New York)

November 5: Fliers called racist and anti-Semitic distributed in south Philadelphia (JTA)

November 6: NYPD says anti-Semitism driving climb in hate crimes in subway (New York Post)

November 6: George Washington University reacts to student post of an anti-Semitic rant on social media (The GW Hatchet)

November 6: Candidate for 2020 Florida state representative seat charges the incumbent with using anti-Semitic dog whistles after he charges Soros with being behind her candidacy (Orlando Weekly)

November 6: Flyers with Stars of David and swastikas found at Arizona State University at Tempe (JTA)

November 7: New Jersey Attorney General finds a school district negligent in dealing with anti-Semitic harassment of a student (AP News)

November 7: Police investigating incident at Hartford cemetery where dead chickens were placed in a Jewish grave (JTA)

November 8: Massachusetts has an anti-Semitism problem (Boston Magazine)

November 8: U.S. Senator introduces resolution to commemorate Kristallnacht and condemn anti-Semitism (JTA)

November 8: Descendants of Nazis organize marches to condemn anti-Semitism (Times of IsraelAlso see Germany

November 8: Turtles in Seattle park painted with swastikas and authorities having difficulty catching them to clean their shells (JTA)

November 8: Prosecutors seize rifle of man who advocated killing Jews (NBC News)

November 8: Secretary Pompeo visits Halle synagogue with Jewish Agency head and reaffirms battle against anti-Semitism (JTA) Also see Germany

November 10: Teen arrested in connection with attacks on Jews in Brooklyn (JTA)

November 10: Seventy-five Jewish headstones toppled in Omaha (JTA)

November 11: Academic associated with anti-Israel and racist comments about Jews is turned down by Sociology Department but still under consideration by Women Studies at Boston University (Jerusalem Post)

November 11: NYPD investigating egg attacks in Brooklyn as possible anti-Semitichate crimes (New York Daily News)

November 11: Senator Bernie Sanders addresses the nature of anti-Semitism and his Jewish background (The Hill)

November 11: NYC Subway swastika and other anti-Semitic grafitti being investigated (NYPD Hate Crimes Twitter)

November 11: Students at George Washington University react to anti-Semitic posts by classmate (GW Hatchet)

November 12: Anti-Semitism is spiking in Brooklyn and officials do not know why (JTA)

November 13: ADL to nearly double its spending on anti-hate programs in Brooklyn schools (Times of Israel)

November 13: In 2018, Jews again the target of a majority of religiously motivated hate crimes (JTA)

November 14: On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism (New York Times)

November 14: Congressman Steve King falsely accuses Soros son of being the “whistleblower” (The Daily Beast)

November 14: NYPD arrests teen for throwing eggs at Brooklyn Jews (Forward)

November 14: University of North Carolina agrees to an anti-Semitism resolution over anti-Semitism complaint stemming from a university conference on Gaza (JTA)

November 14: Police investigating middle school in western Massachusetts over threats against Jewish students (JTA)

November 14: Defendant in a case of anti-Semiticharassment is given the option of holocaust education program (Daily Freeman)

November 14: ADL blasts Joe deGenova’s Soros/anti-Semiticconspiracy theory delivered on Fox News (The Daily Beast)

November 15: Event for wounded IDF veterans sponsored by Chabad and other Jewish organizations is forced to move event after SJP students take over their meeting room (State Press)

November 15: U.S. Education Department is investigating anti-Semitism at NYU (Fox News)

November 15: Per Pew Research over one third of Christians have heard their clergy speak out about Jews, twenty percent have heard clergy say good things about Jews and nine percent have heard clergy say negative things about Jews (Times of Israel)

November 17: Conservative media personality, Ben Shapiro, calls out anti-Semitism and racism in the alt-right group led by Nick Fuentes (The Hill)

November 17: NJ man accused of ordering vandalism of two synagogues using neo-Nazi network (JTA)

November 17: Syracuse University suspends fraternity life after a string of racist and anti-Semitic incidents (New York Post)

November 18: Conservative group cuts ties with Michelle Malkin over her support for anti-Semitic internet personality, Nick Fuentes (The Daily Beast)

November 18: Georgia church vandalized with anti-Jewish message (JTA)

November 18: Phone line and voicemail of Israeli-themed restaurant in Oregon is hacked with anti-Semitic message (Times of Israel)

November 18: The hard left in US and Europe are hurting the Palestinian cause by engaging in anti-Semitism when it comes to Israel (Foreign Policy) Also see European Union

November 19: Student Association Senate at GW University passes resolution calling on administration to prevent anti-Semitism and supports definition of anti-Semitism but removes some references to anti-Semitism associated with Israel (GW Hatchet

November 19: Both parties use fear of anti-Semitism to woo Jewish voters (Haaretz)

November 19: Youth Hockey club accuse opponents of using anti-Semitic slurs (CBS Local New York)

November 19: Trump aide, Stephen Miller, promoted white nationalist content to Breitbart when he was on staff of Senator Jeff Sessions (Mercury News)

November 19: Vassar President criticizes SJP for disrupting event with IDF veteran and calls out “from the river to the sea” chant as anti-Semitic (JNS)

November 19: CA Democratic party votes down anti-Israel resolution that called for “right of return” and passes resolutions against BDS and anti-Semitism (Jewish News of Northern California)

November 19: Syracuse University professor receives anti-Semitic email (Local Syr)

November 20: Jewish Democrats (JDCA) releases video linking Trump with anti-Semitism (JTA)

November 21: Former NSC staffer, Fiona Hill, blasts Soros conspiracy charges as anti-Semitic and comparable to the Protocols (Huffington Post)

November 21: Over 100 Democratic congressmen, civil rights and Jewish organizations call on Stephen Miller to be dismissed over his connections with white nationalist journalism (Forbes)

November 22: Protestor interrupts program with IDF veteran at University of Florida by shouting about war criminals and nazis (ABC 20 WCJB)

November 23: Sasha Baron Cohen slams Facebook for not fact checking political ads and the social media giant would have let Hitler post anti-Semitic ads in the 1930s (Economic Times)

November 24: Hasidic man sucker punched in Brooklyn (JTA)

November 24: Groups representing three streams of Judaism call on White House to fire Stephen Miller for white supremacist views (JTA)

November 25: Alt-right, anti-Semitic group lead by Nic Fuentes, is rattling more conservative Republicans (Haaretz)

November 25: Amid rise in anti-Semitism NY state enacts law to mandate police be trained in recognizing hate crime (JTA)

November 25: Columbia Student Council approves holding referendum on Israel divestment (JTA)

November 25: ADL requests social media companies shut down 10 hate sites (Algemeiner)

November 27: Pastor known for his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories says attempt to impeach Trump is a Jewish coup (JTA)

November 28: Two identifiably Jewish boys attacked by gang of five in Crown Heights (JTA)

December 2: After Bernie Sanders says Israel is an enormous achievement and a home for the Jewish people his surrogate Linda Sasour says support for the state of Israel is unacceptable in the progressive movement (JTA)

December 2: Sixth & i synagogue in Washington, DC is vandalized with anti-Semitic grafitti (Moment)

December 3: Brown University Committee urges divesting companies facilitating human rights abuses against Palestinians (JTA)

December 3: Fox called out for not dealing with the anti-Semitism of guests who spin anti-Semitic Soros-related conspiracy theories (Washington Post)

December 4: Anti-Semite and Holocaust denier again runs for Illinois congressional seat (Times of Israel)

December 4: Three teens throw rocks at Jewish elementary school bus (JTA)

December 4: Student leaders at Arizona State University condemn anti-Semitism, express solidarity with Jewish students after Hillel sponsored event forced to leave its meeting room and anti-Semitic flyers found on campus (Algemeiner)

December 5: Pro-Israel Democratic group criticizes Bernie Sanders for not disassociating from Linda Sarsour (Algemeiner)

December 5: NY Attorney General files suit alleging anti-Semitism against some upstate local governments and their attempt to stop Chasidic housing projects (Jewish Week)

December 6: Bucks County, Pennsylvania man arrested after sending anti-Semitic texts and video to Jewish man on Thanksgiving (Philly Voice)

December 6: The “groypers army” is an openly racist and anti-Semitic group which attacks establishment conservatives over Jews and Israel in order to mainstream their ideology in the conservative movement (JTA)

December 7: Bernie Sanders staffer is off campaign after social media posts referring to “Jew Money” and homophobic remarks are discovered (The Hill)

December 7: President Trump slams Jews who don’t love Israel enough (JTA)

December 9: Rep. Staube is accused of anti-Semitism as he frequently uses the term “New York” lawyer in questioning Democratic counsel in impeachment hearings (heavy)

December 10: Ron Lauder pledges $25 million to fight anti-Semitism in American politics (New York Times)

December 10: Two Jewish congressmen call upon White House to ban news outlet that called impeachment a “Jew coup” (JTA)

December 10: Rabbi filmed threats against him at Long Island Costco and aggressor is arrested (JTA)

December 10: Queens man arrested after antisemtic rant and physical threats at Costco (New York Post)

December 10: Democratic congressman writes that President Trump must be held accountable for embracing anti-Semitism (The Forward)

Deceember 10: Joe diGenovas returns to Fox as a guest one month after his charge that George Soros controls the State Department resulted in protests from Jewish groups (The Daily Beast)

December 11: Trump signs an Executive Order against anti-Semitism on college campuses and generates concerns among some over free speech restrictions (NPR)

December 11: Attacks on Soros linked to Impeachment debate raise questions about anti-Semitism (New York Times)

December 11: Jersey City shooting suspect is linked to Black Hebrew Israelite group and to anti-Semitic posts

December 11: In wake of Jersey City shooting and Trump’s Executive Order on anti-Semitism on campus American Jews are divided and terrified (The Atlantic)

December 12: Jersey City attack now being investigated as anti-Semitic, domestic terrorism (Washington Post)

December 12: Princeton student called a poor choice for student government because he served in the IDF (JTA)

December 13: Catholic Bishops condemn anti-Semitism after Jersey City attack (Catholic News Agency)

December 13: Robert Jeffrees a pastor who said Jews and other non-Christians were doomed to hell is introduced by President Trump at White House Hanukkah party (JTA)

December 15: Beverly Hills synagogue vandalized on Shabbat (JTA)

December 16: Jewish students trying to enter Indiana University fraternity party are met with anti-Semitic slurs and physical assault (JTA)

This a list for only one country , for a complete list compiled by Ira Forman, ex-Antisemitism envoy, please click on the link on Moment Magazine..


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