Ralph Loewenthal

An open letter to all Jews in Diaspora: BE AWARE

I find that the large majority of Jews living in the Diaspora are unaware about the true situation here in Israel. This is not their fault. They have been bombarded by world media that has been manipulated by the Islamic Jihadists. It is no wonder that such a large proportion of college students in the States are supporting the BDS, and such like organisations, even to the point of doubting or denying the Holocaust.

Israel has been extremely inept in handling the media. Whereas the Islamic Jihadist groups have played the international media as a maestro violinist.  I spoke to a gentleman at the start of the millennia who worked at the time in Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. I mentioned that Israel’s PR was sadly lacking in presenting the true position here in the Middle East. He totally agreed with me. During the last fourteen years the position has gotten exponentially worse because of the growth in computer technology, major leaps in software development, and the amazing phenomena of the internet. Also Israel has done very little to combat the bad publicity. It is a major developer of computer software, and technology. It has not used this knowledge to present its case. The saying goes “one has to fight fire with fire” I would prefer to say that one must fight fire with water to completely dowse the flames of half truths, lies, and slander. Only now during the war, have the journalists of the world’s media become aware of what has been happening in Gaza. They have only been able to communicate this once they left Gaza.

Hamas have used the citizens of Gaza as pawns to blind the media to their true intentions. Not only have they used children to build their tunnels, but they have used all the citizens of Gaza as human shields. This is from their own mouths. They have used the construction supplies that were supposed to build hospitals, schools, and housing as material for their tunnels. They have used the funds that were donated to support the citizens of Gaza to further their own ends. Homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques are repositories for armories, These civilian establishments are used as access points for the tunnels, and launching sites for rockets. The leaders convince their operatives that giving up their own lives whilst killing Jews is the highest honor they can attain. The Hamas operatives have been seen to have a baby under one arm, and a rifle in the other, because they know Israeli soldiers have been ordered to prevent civilian deaths. They have set up scenes to show how many people were killed. Videos were later released showing these corpses were very much alive, moving, and joking with their compatriots. They have fired rockets right next to journalists, and close to their hotels. These incidents could only be reported once the journalists were out of Gaza.

Hamas had planned a major attack on Israel  using the tunnels to infiltrate just about all the major centers. They planned to kidnap, and kill tens of thousands Israelis. The planned attack was to take place on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, they knew that it is a three day holiday this year, when many of the soldiers go home to be with their families. The IDF would not have had the manpower or time to defend us. The kidnap, and murder of the three young Yeshiva students, with its attendant arrest of Hamas operatives, alerted the security authorities to the extent of the tunnels, and the extreme danger they posed. Thank G_D the army has been able to eliminate most of them. That could have been the start of end for Israel. We are fighting a battle of survival! Not just for us in Israel, but for all Jews.

The Islamic Jihadists, Hamas, Isis, etc. are planning a world wide Caliphate starting with the Middle East. If the Middle East falls, Israel especially, then Europe would be next. After that the rest of the Western World would tumble.

We in Israel need your support not condemnation. Whether it is moral, financial, or physical support, it all helps. We do not need another Holocaust. Never again will we be led like sheep to the slaughter.

About the Author
Born in Port Elizabeth South Africa 26/12/ 1943, Ralph attended school in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. He had a long career in computer programming, systems analysis, and in organization. He has been a Human Rights, Peace activist for many years.