An open letter to supporters of BDS, with a special message to Jews who participate

All of you who support BDS, if you want to remain true to your cause and you believe this is the “righteous” and “moral” thing to do, then you must all turn in your cell phones. Because an intricate part of smart phone technology was developed in Israel. Every time you use your phone you are helping to finance the IDF, giving strength to the settler movement and reinforcing  the very enemy you are so fixated on destroying.

So, just turn them in, that is, unless, you just can’t suffer for your cause. Let’s see that would fall under “boycott” right, or would it be “divestment”?

After cell phones we can continue personal divestment in some other areas, because there are lots of them. In science, medicine, transportation, agriculture, food producing, desalinization of sea water, etc. The list just goes on and on. But, since your governments’ need for this technology is greater than your hate for Jews, and therefore, since they choose not to honor your cause,  you go ahead and set the example and divest yourselves personally.

Let’s see how actually committed you are to stopping Israel, beginning the process of weakening it to eventually destroy it. Because  the killing of Jews in mass numbers will be so much easier if you are successful, right?

Here let me give you some inspiration.

Take a lesson from the American pacifists during the Viet Nam war, who burned their draft cards and stayed in the United States, choosing prison rather than escaping to Canada to pay the full measure of consequences for their protest of America’s involvement in that war. Whatever else those individuals were they weren’t cowardly about their commitment to their pacifism.

Are you as committed to your cause to destroy Israel as they were to stopping the Viet Nam war?

It appears that supporting BDS, disrupting, intimidating, and harassing Jewish students on college campuses, denying Jewish researchers placements in higher academia because they’re Israeli or support Zionist causes,  and actually putting in force Boycott divestment and sanctions on a personal level which would deny your own access  are two different things.

You are willing to ruin the lives of other human beings that way, just not your own. I say that makes you cowards.

Most of you will never turn in your phones, as well as give back or refuse use any advancements coming from Israeli industry or research and development, just like your governments.

Would you let your mother die rather than have her treated by a lifesaving technique developed in Israel? Exporting that technology provides real dollars into Israeli coffers, giving them more capital to invest in building settlements, financing IDF ventures to kill Hamas leaders and other measures to make Jews safer, something you really hate to see. So, go ahead let your mother die.

Much of the cutting edge technology developed in certain particular industries is Israeli.  Not all of it, but a large portion of it. That must really eat at you, huh. You lack the courage to stand for what you believe in still, you pay lip service to BDS because you hate the success of the Jewish state despite cheering on its enemies working for its destruction the last 66 years.

Instead of taking your anger out on where it belongs in this conflict, the complete refusal of the Palestinian to accept  Jewish sovereignty and success next door to them, and create a state working together instead of trying to kill Jews at every turn, you have chosen to hurt and possibly destroy one of the most advanced nations on Earth. One that is making a real difference in starvation, lack of water, advancement in medicine, to say nothing of its leading high tech industry second to only America’s silicon valley.

All this only because it’s Jewish.

Even  South Africa,  a leading proponent of the BDS movement and extremely anti Zionist in its foreign policy, recognizes the benefits of Jewish technology and will not join BDS divestment procedures.

In 2011 the University of Johannesburg compliant with BDS dissolved its long standing relationship with Ben Gurion University. Left out of their divestment  however, were those academics working with Israel on water purification since Israel is on the leading edge of that industry. Even the most Jew hating Marxists and Muslim academicians decided to leave in place this very important research to solve South Africa’s major water problem.

University officials not directly related to the BDS movement,  realizing this halfway infantile attempt at  separating itself from BGU and the serious embarrassment of having to explain it, came out a few days later denying that divestment from BDU of any kind had actually taken place.

Ihron Rensburg, vice chancellor and principal of the university, issued a statement saying that “UJ is not part of an academic boycott of Israel…It has never been UJ’s intention to sever all ties with BGU, although it may have been the intention of some UJ staff members.”

You can’t even get South Africa to stand behind you and your movement even though that country would like nothing better.

This is a typical example of BDS selective breeding. South Africa desperately needs Israeli advance technology to solve their growing water and drought issues in that country. Cowardly to the core, you in South Africa need to make this happen for your own self preservation.

So, without governments, and large industries on a major scale playing into your scheme, the BDS movement is sort of degenerated into a complete anti-Semitic organization which at best it  can call for the destruction of Israel, paint swastikas on fraternity walls, scare Jewish college coeds into not openly supporting the Jewish state and participate in such despicable outings as “Hitler youth week” and “death to Israel” demonstrations.

And, when accused of the pure anti-semitism  you trot out Jewish members of your group to show unanimity among “moral” people further isolating the only Jewish state in the world.

And, that brings me to a special message I have for my fellow Jews who participate.

There is nothing more despicable than traitors to their own people, especially in time of war, which Israel is engaged in.  There is no lower form of human depravity to what you do in supporting this movement.

You know your actions are designed to ultimately result in Jewish blood being spilled, and yet you relish in the hope of Jewish suffering because of the work you do. Whether you are students, professors in the university, scientists, politicians, as well as home grown Israelis you have consciously chosen to stand against your own people—you are lost to us.

At least the Muslim who engages in this maintains some personal honor because he believes however, wrongly, that Jews have no right to live on Muslim holy land to begin with, But, you,  what is your excuse?

You think that by siding with this enemy and lying about Israeli treatment of Palestinians is going to score you some international street cred? You are cowards in a basically cowardly movement. You deserve each other.

Because you side with the same historical enemy that we have faced so many times before, throughout our history, now manifested in this particular movement, which attracts the deadliest enemies of the Jewish people, the descendants of those who put us in ovens, you think you are now immune to that particular fate for the simple cost of selling the rest of us out?

Let me remind you that Jews took out full page ads in the social media of the 1930s, major  German newspapers,  imploring German Jews to give the Nazis a chance, they only  wanted what was best for Germany and besides their threats against us would never be carried out. This, in the face of brown shirt violence against Jews who couldn’t defend themselves  at the very moment they were pleading with the Jewish community for Nazi support. They died along with the rest of European Jewry. Your silence now at the murder of your own people in Jerusalem, Paris, London, and everywhere else Jews are dying at the hands of jihadists simply because they are Jews is sickeningly similar to those traitorous German Jews in the 1930s.

You think that because you stand with the mortal enemies of the Jewish people today that somehow exempts you from what you advocate for the rest of your people? Like the Judenraat in the camps, when they are done with all of us and you faithfully have helped them to complete their ghastly task, they will come for you, But, there will be no more Israel to protect you. Your fate is sealed in supporting this movement.

You are a disgrace.

About the Author
Larry Hart has been writing and commenting on Jewish issues since 1985. His body is in the U.S., but his heart is in Israel.