An Open Letter to the Democratic Party about Louis Farrakhan

Only 8 days ago, we all watched in horror as the worst antisemitic attack on US soil took place before our very eyes. A crazed gunman, screaming vile rants that “all Jews must die” opened fire on a group of congregants while performing one the holiest acts a Jew can do, the act of circumcision in a synagogue. When the initial shock wore off, and the mourning process began, people began searching for answers, and almost immediately, the fingers began to point. I wanted to point out something that is being lost in the shuffle of finger pointing at only one person or one political party.

Nearly everyone on the political Left began pointing at President Trump. While the President himself is certainly known to have a warm relationship with Jews and Israel, they are quick to cite his vast litany of lies and rhetoric of other minority groups that they say have emboldened hate groups all over the country, which include those that have a hatred toward Jews. I, for one, do not argue with this assessment, as antisemitic attacks have reached the highest point in the past 40 years in his first year of his presidency. Again, I for one, plead with my fellow Jews not to be blinded by his pro-Israel views from seeing the total picture of who he is. I always ask my Jewish friends who are pro-Trump simply because he is pro-Israel a rhetorical question: Imagine if one day the President of the United States stood up one day and made up a lie that thousands upon thousands of JEWS were dancing in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11, how would we feel? Well, he made up that exact lie about Muslims, which he has never apologized or retracted to this day. My point is, not to give him a “free pass” just because he is picking on other minority groups such as Mexicans and Muslims among others, and not picking on Jews. Hatred and lies are still hatred and lies. When there is a valid reason for blame, blame should be given.

However, with that being said, what is being lost is that is that blame can be a two-way street. I wanted to point out a fallacy that has been becoming increasingly more disturbing in recent years. No one in the public arena, with perhaps the exception of David Duke, has expressed such vile attacks against our People than Minister Louis Farrakhan. In countless numbers of antisemitic attacks in front of crowds of thousands that go back over 30 years ago, the breadth and depth of his attacks are so astounding that just repeating these words make me physically nauseous. It is difficult to even repeat what he has said, as it is sending shivers down my spine. In 1984, he declared at Madison Square Garden about the Jews “Just remember when it’s God who puts you in the ovens, it’s forever!” On many occasions, he referred to Hitler as a “very great man” and saw it even as a badge of honor that he was often called a “Black Hitler.” He referred to Judaism on many occasions as a “gutter religion” filled with lies, thievery, and injustice, and Jews in general as “the bloodsuckers of the world.” He has said that “Jews have control over the agencies of government, when you want something in the world, it is the Jew who holds open the door.” It is Satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with his poison and deceit.” He has repeated the well often told lie of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that Jews control the banks, the media, and Hollywood. He even said Jews were involved in the 9/11 attacks! This is only a tiny glimpse, the tip of the iceberg, for his comments can fill pages upon pages.

And yet, surprisingly, with all the finger pointing by the Left, and the increased racial sensitivities in the wakes of the recent attack, almost no one on the Left has called out his hateful rhetoric. No major high-ranking democratic public servant, to my knowledge, has publicly condemned him, or disavowed him. When many were so quick to condemn Trump for his unfortunate long pause with disavowing David Duke, few if any, have done the same with Mr. Farrakhan. On the contrary, he has been given a prominent place among many major politicians. Most notably, our own former president, Barak Obama had a picture taken next to him, with both smiling broadly. Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who plans to run for President, was also photographed with him. Many other members of both congress and the senate, such as Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, have close ties with him, with Illinois Democratic congressman Danny Davis calling Farrakhan an “outstanding human being.” And recently Bill Clinton seemed honored to share the stage with him at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service.

My question is, if this is not about political parties and really about antisemitism and racial sensitivities, why can’t this Great Wrong be called out? Where is the unequivocal condemnation? Where are the apologies for even allowing to be photographed with him?

The time has come to rise above the political fray, and to do what is right, no matter which side of the isle one is on. Call out a wrong when there is a wrong. In the words of Rod Rosenstein, “It is time to stop thinking like a partisan, and start thinking like an American.” The founder of our great country George Washington said in a letter to the Jews of his time “For happily, the Government of the United States gives no sanction to bigotry, to persecution, no assistance.” He quoted the verse from the Jewish Bible “Everyone shall sit in safety under his own vine or fig tree, there shall be none to make him afraid.” Let us live to see these words fulfilled speedily in our days.

About the Author
Yisroel Juskowitz is most well known for his two best-selling books on Jewish topics "The Hidden Path" and "For Every Season, both of which has received widespread critical acclaim. He is involved in many creative projects to inspire, educate, and entertain the Jewish people. He has two albums of his music, which was received very warmly, he has performed to Jews of all walks of life and ages, and has also given many classes on many Jewish topics. He draws and paints Judaica art as well. Yisroel's passion is to use his many creative outlets to further help the Jewish people and Jewish causes.
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