An Open Letter to the UN: What do you stand for?

Tuvia Yanai Weissman, 21, IDF soldier was murdered in a stabbing attack while doing his Shabbat grocery shopping Thursday, leaving a wife and baby girl.
Tuvia Yanai Weissman, 21, IDF soldier was murdered in a stabbing attack while doing his Shabbat grocery shopping Thursday, leaving a wife and baby girl.


Do YOU support terrorism? Then why do you stand by in SILENCE as the streets of Jerusalem are drenched with Jewish blood? Why do you demonize the victims, and sympathize with the perpetrators? Injustice doesn’t happen because evil men do evil, but because good men do NOTHING.

IMAGINE. Imagine not knowing when your playgrounds, coffee shops, and bus stations will turn into the next battleground. Imagine a nightmare of terrorists penetrating your home in the middle of the night, slaughtering your family. Can you imagine? Imagine terrorists digging tunnels under your house to butcher you; zealots, eliminating their time and money to destroy YOU, rather than improving their own lives. IMAGINE this was REAL LIFE.

And how does the international community respond, you ask? With moral confusion that is nowhere more obvious than with the world’s shameful treatment of Israel.

In the past few months, 32 Israelis have been killed, and over 304 wounded in terrorist attacks– and the numbers only continue to rise. Instead of the international community backing all those who defeat militant Islam, we hear outrageous statements about “Excessive Force”, and easing tensions on “Both Sides;” moral equivalency between a people that protects life and liberty, and another that glorifies death and destruction.

Who are we kidding? Imagine what would happen if the Secretary General of the UN asked the French president and ISIS, to act with ‘restraint’ and work to restore calm on ‘both sides’.

The UN has promised to protect life, human rights, and facilitate International peace. But who are we fooling? The UN’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, comprised of Syria– among other severe human rights violators– has yet to name a single terrorist or terrorist organization, because apparently, Hamas and Hezbollah just don’t meet the standards. The U.N. chief declared a moment of silence for terror victims and then checked off the cities hit by terror – except for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv of course. And best of all: the UN sits by and LISTENS as Abbas incites his people with a call to action to spill Jewish blood.

In 58 years, 77 resolutions have been made against Israel, while ONE, yes ONE, has been made against the Palestinians. Never has there been a condemnation against suicide bombers or rockets launched at innocent civilians, because you see, they don’t pose the international threat- we do.

Yet as Israel stands on the front lines in this brave and historic battle, WE are cast as a reason for the PROBLEM, rather than as part of the solution. We are constantly told that Palestinian terrorists are perpetrating these attacks because of the so called occupation, or because there is no peace process. Really?

Palestinians have been murdering Jewish People for nearly half a century before that so called occupation, and for nearly half a century since- even as the peace process was moving ahead. The Oslo Accords, Camp David, and Gush Katif only brought us escalated acts of terror…And you tell us WE are the obstacle to peace?

The Palestinian leadership continues to reward terrorism and promote a culture that glorifies it. In the face of this foolishness, does the International community stand with Israel? No, it BLAMES israel. It labels Israel. It libels Israel.

As Ambassador Ron Dermer so eloquently puts it, “The test for whether the world has really turned the corner in the battle against militant Islam and terrorism ISN’T how it responds to the terror attacks in Paris. It’s how it responds to the terror attacks in JERUSALEM. When I see the Eiffel Tower lit up in Israeli Blue and White after a terrorist attack in Israel, THEN I’ll know that the world finally gets it.”

So, will YOU support terrorism and stand by in silence, as the streets of Jerusalem are drenched with Jewish blood, or will you join us in standing up for moral clarity and speaking up for truth? We will continue the fight against this barbaric terror, will you?

Inspired by Ambassador Ron Dermer’s speech at the ZOA Gala Dinner 2015.

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