Richard A. Lopchinsky

Anarchy or the Rule of Law: The choice is yours

We are approaching the American elections which pit a crass narcissist against a demented puppet. There is no question that both parties should have been able to find more appropriate candidates but this is the choice we are left with.

Before I get into the real discussion, I must point out that from an Israeli perspective, there has been no better friend to Israel than Donald Trump has been for the past 4 years. However, I want to discuss the American perspective – after all it is an American election.

For those of us who lived in NYC prior to Mayor Giuliani, especially during the Crown Heights pogrom under David Dinkins, we know how a liberal leader allows anarchy to prevail. It took 3 days for the mayor to order the police to quell the rioting. When Mayor Giuliani took over, the rule of law was enforced in the city which lead to a marked improvement in the quality of life for every citizen: black and white. Harlem and Times Square both became places where one could walk without fear. That is when I learnt the lesson of how important it is that the rule of law be enforced for everyone!

On a national level we have seen policy going in the opposite direction. When then President Obama sent Eric Holder down to Ferguson Missouri to “talk” to the rioters, he sent a clear message that rioting and looting would be tolerated. The situation has only gotten worse over the past 4 years to where almost every major city has seen rioting and looting, in addition to a rise in all crime including murder.

The guise for this anarchy was the Black Lives Matter. But that is just a subterfuge. For if they were really concerned with black lives, there would be more concern about crime in Chicago than any police issues. The reality is that there are more murders in Chicago almost every weekend than there were “unjustified” police shootings of blacks in an entire year. Yet the people of Chicago want to defund the police!

Rabbi Sachs pointed out several weeks ago that the Mishnah in Pirkei Avos explains that an argument for Heaven’s sake is similar to that between Hillel and Shamai whereas an argument not for Heaven’s sake was that of Korach and his people. He succinctly pointed out the distinction: is the argument about the TRUTH or is it for POWER? Sadly there is no truth in the argument of Black Lives Matter just a façade of truth to enable them to get power. They are interested in power and anarchy so that they can get whatever they want: a greedy destruction of the American way of life. None of these people take responsibility for the actions.

Back to the election. Sadly, more and more of the Democratic Party feels that they have to accede to the demands of the progressive left. Even the vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, leans toward this left with all the policies that she expounded during her campaign. So the bottom line is, do you want to restore law and order in the country or do you want the Anti-Semitic progressive left to exert more and more influence destroying the American democracy?

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Strong religious zionist background: First trip in 1963 - bar mitzvah, spent a summer volunteering at Hadassah in 1970, spent a year in Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 1971-72, parents made aliya in 1979, Tried to make aliyah in 1983 but was told I wouldn't fit into the system (after completing a fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) Professional: Board certified in general surgery, private practice in Manhattan for 28years, the Chief of the ENT / Head & Neck Service at the Phoenix VAMC, Clinical professor of surgery at Univ of AZ-Phoenix for 8 years. Finally made Aliyah in 2016 to work in Rambam. Licensed and Board certified in Israel Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Creating
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