Nadezhda Dukhovny
Nadezhda Dukhovny

Ancient and unique Uzbekistan – Bukhara

Welcome to BUKHARA!

Welcome to BUKHARA!

Posted by Uzbekistan Embassy in Israel on Sunday, January 24, 2021

We have all heard about the amazing city of Bukhara, which seems to all of us to be a living embodiment of an oriental fairy tale. We all know people from this ancient beautiful city who now live side by side with us. But few of us know what is happening now in this distant place, especially after the pandemic took over the world and people stopped flying to other countries.

This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

I have good news for you! Bukhara lives and breathes as before. And its people are not afraid of any temporary difficulties. All the bazaars are still noisy and full of their aroma, and the muezzins are calling the faithful to prayer. But besides this, in order to shake things up and revive the atmosphere, the city is already holding its traditional Silk and Spices festival in the coming days.

This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

We will definitely stroll along the charming streets of ancient Bukhara, admire its incomparable breathtaking minarets, mosques, and madrassas, but today I would like to inform you that from 28 to 30 May, Bukhara will turn into a real oriental fairy tale. The 19th traditional Silk and Spices Festival will take place here.

This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

According to an established tradition, the program includes a grandiose procession of festival guests, who will move in a colorful column from the Ark fortress to the Labi Hovuz complex. And also in the program:

  • Opening ceremony of the festival in the Labi Hovuz complex,
  • Performances of folk groups within the framework of the festival,
  • Exhibition of national and foreign handicrafts and trade in spices, silk products on the territory from the Khakikat and Dolon ​​squares, the Poyi Kalon complex to the Ark fortress, as well as Nodir Devonbegi, Timi Abdullahon, Toki Sarrofon madrasahs, Toki Telpakfurushon and Toki Zargaron,
  • Children’s dance festival,
  • Competition of national dishes Plov Holiday on the territory of the Mirzo Ulugbek madrasah,
  • National Gallery of Fine and Applied Arts and Exhibition of Photographers,
  • Demonstration of national sports games in the Ark fortress,
  • A special fashion show “Silk and Spices Fashion Day”, an illusion performance and a gala concert with the participation of local and foreign designers on the territory of the Kukaldosh madrasah,
  • The concert program of the Uzbek National Symphony Orchestra in the Poyi Kalon complex,
  • After Party BBS fashion show,
  • An evening of the Maqom,
  • The Ark Fortress will host a 3D mapping show and a gala concert dedicated to the closing ceremony of the festival.

    This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

Each of us has probably heard the expression ‘it’s not personal, it’s business” many times. Well, for some people the business is personal and for some of them, it is their life. Every trade, every profession has its face, and I was lucky to learn about a man for whom his life and business are inseparable. Such people serve as the face of their craft. They are happy to share their impressions and stories of their working days. Let’s read the story of the founder of the National House in Bukhara

Doston Radjabov from Bukhara is one of our first compatriots who founded the National House project in order to demonstrate a rural life imbued with local traditions.

The Faces of tourism project prepared jointly with the Bukhara Regional Department of the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan highlights the stories of people who contribute to the development of the tourism industry in Uzbekistan.

Doston Rajabov’s house gives guests the opportunity to participate in the preparation of national dishes and taste them, gathering at the same table.

Letters of gratitude received by mail, constant visits of tourists, and their desire to visit Uzbekistan more than once, testify to the success of this idea.

The main goal of this selfless person is to increase the number of tourists who come to the distant country of Uzbekistan, to attract them for a longer period, and, thus, to achieve the development of tourism in Uzbekistan.

“A tourist’s stay in our city, even one day longer, will benefit hotels, transport companies, and restaurants,” Doston Radjabov said.

Of course, these tasks are based on time-consuming work. And the joy and smile of tourists is the sweet fruit of the work done.

This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

In this video, Doston Radjabov is talking about pilaf – the main dish of all cities of Uzbekistan is pilaf. If you travel across all regions of our country, you will be surprised at how varied this dish is prepared.

In every city, people will convince you that their pilaf is the best in the country! And only after trying everything, you will be able to understand which one you like more than the rest. Bukhara pilaf, or as it is also called, Oshi-Sophie, is considered dietary due to the method of preparation. It is prepared in a peculiar way, it is not mixed, unlike the Andijan or Tashkent.

This photo is courtesy of the Department of Tourism Development of the Bukhara Region

Another feature is that it is cooked only in a copper cauldron. Bukhara dishes also include dishes such as khalisa or kaish.


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Nadezhda Dukhovny was born and raised in Uzbekistan and made aliya in 2005. She holds an MA in Linguistics from Tel Aviv University and works in translation. She has a true interest about her motherland and would like to tell more about that fascinating country to make Israeli readers familiar with another culture from other part of the globe.
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