And a Shana Tova and Eid Mubarakh to all!

Ok, now that both President Abbas and PM Netanyahu have spoken their infinite words of wisdom in front of the world community, both telling their narrative of what went down, we citizens, Palestinians and Israelis alike, are left to wonder if these two clowns understand what the hell is going on. Do they have any situational awareness ? Do they have any sensitivity of what is at stake here ? Do they have any empathy for the other ?

Neither of the two are talking to the other, they are talking to their own consitutencies, they are talking to themselves, preaching to the converted. They are regurgitating their narratives telling themselves how right they are, how moral they are, how exposed and threatened and victimized they are. They don’t see the other and they don’t hear the other, they ignore the other completely. They are mirror images of each other. Ignorance is bliss. If we ignore them, they aren’t there.

Abbas of course knows that it makes absolutely no difference what he says to Netanyahu, even if he would wrap himself into an Israeli flag and sing Hatikva, the PM will have none of it. Abbas has become a non-entity. Netanyahu doesn’t want him as a partner, not for peace and not for anything else. He’s history. And the Palestinians ? Who cares about the Palestinians ? And Netanyahu ? Netanyahu cares about one thing and one thing only – to look and sound like a statesman so he can impress his audience in Israel, those that vote for him again and again and really don’t care what he says as long as he looks like a leader. So Sarah can swoon over him forever and ever. So he does his spiel and plays his part.

Rarely have two peoples been so ill served by their respective leaders. With Abbas you can at least maintain that he made an effort, that he keeps his word regarding a consistent non-violent approach but with Netanyahu ? Netanyahu doesn’t give a damn. About anything or anybody. He is on auto-pilot, on a Kamikaze mission, keep the territories, prevent peace at all cost while staying in power. If you have to go to war, by all means, certainly, why not ? Killing a couple of thousand Palestinians and several dozen Israelis never harmed a soul. If you have to lie, please continue. The world is balking ? Who cares ? The US is seething ? They need us more than we need them. Europe is protesting? Those anti-Semitic weaklings don’t know how to deal with Islam anyway.  The Palestinians are bleeding ? Who cares about them ? East Jerusalem neighborhoods are burning ? Let’s keep them fenced in. The fires will burn out. We absolutely must keep the status-quo, there is nothing quite like it, nothing better. Nothing.

So now that we are satisfied with ourselves after our Prime Minister has told everybody basically to go screw themselves and to top it all off, thrown in a little teaser, reaching out to the leading Arab countries to get involved in peace making, we can now lean back and relax. We have the opportunity to nurture our enourmous income gaps and our poor housing situation which will only deteriorate since we naturally have to pour even bigger amounts of money into defence to stay safe and secure. We can go about giving enormous subsidies to a small and select segment of the population by cutting VAT on appartments, benefits that are tailormade to help the voters of the party of the Minister of Finance.

And our glorious opposition ? It’s totally stuck between 2 states for two people and the desire to somehow get close to the fleshpots of the government, desperately trying to make a difference, any difference.

And Zionism ? What the hell are you talking about ? Oh, you mean Zionism as in settlements. Yes, certainly, lots of them.  Social justice ? Uhh ? Peace in the Middle East ? Excuse me ? Affordable housing ? Take a hike ! Occupation ? No such thing. Racism ? Bloody Arabs and Leftists.

People out there, if anybody wants a Shana Tova and an EId Mubarakh we have to take care of that all by ourselves. Our leaders aren’t going to do it. They aren’t even going to help. Not one bit. They are stuck.


About the Author
The author served in the Prime Minister’s Office as a member of the intelligence community, is a member of the Council for Peace and Security and was a candidate in Labor’s 2012 primary election for the Knesset list