And the Oskar for the week’s biggest bitch goes to…

It doesn’t go to Judith Miller, the journalist noted mainly for her graceless exit from The New York Times following some questionable reporting about alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (remember that country?) a few years back.

This week, while pitying some poor puppies in a shop window in Chelsea, I noticed her doing the same and said “You look familiar,” to which she replied, “Maybe you’ve seen me on TV” before scuttling off in the nicety-crushing New York din. Leaving me nary a nanosecond to remind her that actually we chatted at length in the press room of the Herzliya Conference in 2011. Nice.

But not nearly as nice as Sir Elton John, who came out swinging this week against Madonna, the one superstar who more than any other has embraced Israel and not for entirely selfish reasons, either. Calling her “a nightmare” whose “career is over” and calling her “a fairground stripper”, John really got busy trashing a woman whose career and life shines infinitely brighter than his own. There is something deeply troubling and definitely misogynistic going on when a homosexual male like Elton John flings such unwarranted hatred on a woman who history will judge as a conformity-slicing trailblazer on all fronts.

Does EJ’s viciousness come from the fact that Madonna is still thin and gorgeous, while he is pasty, fat and still in need of a vocal coach? Ouch.

But neither Example A nor Example B get the biggest bitch of the week award. That prize goes to an anonymous U.K. bank official who, according to The Wall Street Journal, had this to say recently:

“You fucking Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.”

Well, not so anonymous actually. The bank official in question works or worked for ┬áStandard Chartered PLC, a bank which New York’s most powerful banking regulator, Benjamin Lawsky, is currently threatening to strip of its licence to do business in New York State.

Why? Because according to Lawsky, for nearly a decade a unit of Standard Chartered “operated as a rogue institution” racking up millions of dollars in fees while handling gazillions of dollars more in transactions with Iranians. Who as all of us know really have America’s and Israel’s best interests at heart.

So that bitter banker — a cousin of Sir Elton, perhaps? — is without a doubt the biggest bitch of the week. Maybe he should look for work over at model-citizen bank HSBC. Sick puppy.