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I had some thoughts about the migration issue:
Quality of life is the key, but what is it? The easiest definition is the ability to identify with, be involved with and gain pleasure from where you are living and what you are doing.
But first you must be able to define subconsciously socially who you are, what you want and where you belong. It is passed on from generation; each generation modifies it.
Identification and involvement are very much a product of the what you were brought up to expect and aspire for and what you got. In short values, tradition, expectations meet reality.

If we apply the container theory, we have three forms of interaction of the two now intermingled societies.
One culture is unchanged, and one is destroyed. The result is erstwhile integration with a new class of rootless and restless. Like all classes, this will become self-perpetuating with a mini-culture.
The second: Neither culture truly changes, The result is ghettoes, neither culture accepts or respects the norms of the other. There is an attempt to facilitate the boundary effects where the two meet in everyday life. Is this the present European example?
The third: Both cultures admix and intermix. The ideal outcome, but incredibly difficult to achieve. One new culture is born, in doing so two are lost. And the two are lost without the new one yet coming into being and without any promise that it will.
And here lies the problem. To be acultural without ideals or aspirations is highly dangerous. It seems we cannot live without them. We need our tribalism, to belong and to be proud. The third process can only be a gradual and engineered one.

I feel that you can look at my country, Israel as an example. The standard intrinsic value of Jewishness is all important. How we define it is a different matter but as Jews we all experienced the same history. We all knew discrimination and violence, we all came with same ‘ways’ to beat it and the same lessons learned. We all have the same values. The commonality gave rise to an immediate belonging. Even now unusual things are happening- Israeli Arabs are just that. They are finding they can define themselves as Israeli Arabs as opposed to Palestinian Arabs. They are prepared to, and indeed do live separately yet they wish to do so in a harmony and with full rights. And they are being heard. No one expects or wants them to give up their values, culture or religion.
My advice as an Israeli is simple. Do not disperse the immigrants.
Place them together, insist that their areas are not taken over by bigots and groups who will mould a new antagonistic culture. Let them form a new culture that does not threaten and yet is flexible to morph from generation to generation without fractures.. Give them equality of opportunity and education. If you look at every immigration group, in the best of conditions it takes three generations. The first generation clings to each other, the second generation, go forth and yet remain loyal to their parents. The third generation is free to choose.
Do not expect Germans to lose their German character and try find a new one. Let the Germans watch as involved spectators. The change, if it is to happen will take many generations of gradual change.

In short make ghettos; they will inevitably occur. Use it to your advantage, do not lose control of the ghettos, invest heavily in education, social services and law enforcement. Do not patronise them or challenge their values, let the generations make their choice.
The bottom line is money. We have found to maintain a community who already exist you can run at about 20% of the population. But you cannot absorb that amount. Our experience with the last two waves of immigrations was that in a dire emergency you can handle an influx of 10% of your population over two years. But in the case of the Russians they had where to go if they were unhappy here. If the ‘unfortunate Russians’ would have stayed there would have been a social explosion. A better example is the Ethiopians. We absorbed about 50,000 in a population of 6 million. A similar number proportionally to Merkel’s goals. And we are still struggling. Take into account, the Ethiopians were motivated to come to Israel and be Jews, Israel has national conscription that is an enormous social equaliser and we Israelis, as a majority expect and want to absorb. Germany has none of this.

Merkel’s good intentions are paving another road to hell. More than that, her actions have turned the road into an Autobahn.
Her social naivety is an all encompassing, untested concept that flies in the face of ‘common knowledge’. It reminds me of Obama’s Arab Spring; the major contributor to this disaster

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Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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