Another BDS (Bombings, Destruction, Stabbings)

When will it stop? When will 17-year-old children be safe? When will the murderers be apprehended and imprisoned? When will it be safe for us to walk in parks, drive on roads and highways, enjoy entertainment facilities without fear that we may become victims, never to return home to families?

It becomes more frightening each day. Attacks from Gaza do not cease. Prime Minister Netanyahu has pandered to Hamas, bribing them to maintain the “calm” that has never been calm. How many more missiles will strike our territory before a cowardly government uses extreme force to end the attacks from Gaza once and for all?

How many more soldiers and civilians waiting at bus stops need to be brutally stabbed before our government takes stronger action?

In the West Bank, there should be curfews refraining Arabs from leaving their homes at night. By day, they should be limited to specific areas where they may walk, shop, have a coffee, all without knives in their pockets.

How many more parents must bury young children?

We have cried rivers of tears for too long. We need more police and more soldiers to seek out the mad terrorists and, if necessary, to shoot to kill if a situation so warrants it.

Hamas laughs at us. Weak Israel, they call us. And they are not wrong. The Gaza attacks could have ended years ago if the leader of our country had taken strong and firm punishment.

Avigdor Liberman is perfectly correct, in my opinion, for mocking Netanyahu on his failure to strike with full force. We should be entering Gaza with planes, tanks and artillery to destroy its infrastructure, public buildings, homes if necessary, and attempt to find and to assassinate the Hamas leaders.

Gaza should be returned to rule by the Palestinian Authority. They, at least, have the strength and ability to put an end to border skirmishes, kites on fire, and ending the Friday marches on our border.

Residents of Sderot and other towns near the border are finally entitled to security, to sleep soundly and not have to run hastily into protective shelters. Children should be free to play outside without fear that they may be shot to death by a maniac on the other side of our border with Gaza.

Netanyahu has failed to protect our people. His political ego has put himself before the well-being and security of our civilian population. He has become a leader-less man who enjoys keeping his seat in the Knesset warm.

Now we are experiencing frightening chances of a new war on our northern front. Nasrallah has threatened to use full force to eliminate us from the region. He promises that Hezbollah will annihilate us. An attack by Hezbollah would result in our counter- attack on Lebanon.

We remember our past sad experiences in our wars with the Lebanese. We need to avoid another catastrophe. And in his remaining days prior to the September elections, Netanyahu, in his role as defense minister, must give the order for a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah taking into consideration the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who would respond in full force.

We cannot… we dare not… sit idly by awaiting the blasts of the sirens as we scramble to the shelters.

We must take Lebanese and Hezbollah threats extremely seriously. Our very lives depend upon our actions.

If our people were wise and could see our future there would be fewer ballots cast for Likud on 17 September. A Likud without Netanyahu at its head could be acceptable to other parties. If a new leader could promise to enforce earlier resolutions regarding enlistment of haredi young men into our military forces, a new Likud might be acceptable to Avigdor Lieberman and to other members of the Knesset.

We do not have, as many other democracies have, laws separating religion from state. Such a thing would be nigh impossible in Israel. But with certain controls on the militant ultra-Orthodox, we could have a state free of mandatory religious demands.

Civil marriage, equal recognition of non-Orthodox Judaism, permitted Sabbath transportation in non-religious communities would be a very welcome first step accepted by the majority of Jews in Israel.

Arab political parties comprising citizens of Israel, must be shown the same respect given to non-Arabs. They are a 20% minority of our population but they are accorded all rights and privileges guaranteed by our declaration of independence.

A change in one particular matter of concern to all our Arab and Druze citizens is the demotion of Arabic as one of the three national languages for more than 100 years to a “special status”. The nation-state law does in fact reduce Arabic speakers to second-class citizens.

This is a racist violation created by a dying democratic nation. We must have freedom for all and equality for all including the right to maintain the three national languages.

Arab citizens are not “special status” individuals. They are full citizens of the Jewish State and the right to return the Arabic language to its previous place together with Hebrew and English is essential.

Bombings, destruction and stabbings must end immediately. How many more beautiful Dvirs and Rinas must we bury? How many bereft parents will have to mourn the tragic death of a child?

When I cast my ballot on September 17 for the 22nd Knesset, it will be for the only man and party with the strength, goodwill and genuine leadership “of the people, by the people and for the people”, to quote America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

Ours is a leadership which Binyamin Netanyahu has failed. He seeks advice from wife Sara and son Yair because he fears making policies on his own initiative. So he has created a family of political advisors. And a poor choice of such less than knowledgeable people. Sadly so far they have given him unwise advice.

His biggest and unforgiveable fault is that he placed his personal ego above the needs of the people.

Perhaps it’s time soon to move back home… to beautiful lush Caesarea far from the troublesome north of our country.

I anticipate the pleasure of casting my ballot on September 17. But I promise you one thing.

It will not be for Likud. Never again !

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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