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Another huge mistake

Khomeini, Hitler and Lula, all against the Jewish people.
Ayatollah Khomeini, Adolf Hitler and Brazilian president Lula.

Israel does not murder Arabs simply because they are Arabs. Israel kills Arab terrorists simply for being terrorists. Arab terrorists kill Jews because they are Jews, and if they need to kill Arabs to murder Jews, they will kill Arabs without any doubt or remorse.

The Brazilian government has decided that Israel is committing genocide against the Arabs in Gaza, which everyone knows is false, including those in government.
Israel is not to blame for the fact that today, all major terrorist organizations are made up of Arabs who are financed by Persians who speak Farsi but are not Arabs.

Persians are people who were born in Iran, which means “Aryan” in Farsi, the local language. Persia, now Iran, has always been characterized by strong nationalism and a proclivity for territorial expansion through invasion of other peoples’ lands.
What Persians and terrorist Arabs have in common is Islamic fundamentalism, which serves as an ideology for their barbaric theocracies, such as those installed in Gaza and Lebanon.

Brazil is honoring its criminal association with the Iranians when it supports South Africa’s initiative to regard Israel as a genocidal country, which is known to be a lie.
Remember that Iran’s murderous proxies once used South America as a staging ground for their terrorist activities.

The Islamic Jihad bombed the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992, killing four Israelis and twenty-one Argentines; and Hezbollah attacked the Argentine-Israel Mutual Association in 1994, killing eighty-four people with a car-bomb.

The secret meetings between members of the Brazilian government and the Iranian ambassador, as well as the attraction of Iranian ships to our ports in suspicious activity, are evidence of Brazil and Iran’s close relationship. Lula never hid his preference for the Iranian Ayatollahs’ tyrannical, Nazi regime.

The fact that he, Lula, went to receive Brazilians arriving from Gaza and despised those arriving from Israel when they were removed from there, is a clear demonstration of preference.

Lula recalls Getulio Vargas, a fascist dictator who ruled Brazil between 1930 and 1945, with his proclivity to support the Nazi regime, which only did not consolidate because the Americans prevented it through pragmatic diplomacy and the consented invasion of the American army into the northeast of Brazil, where he established support bases for operations in North Africa and southern Italy.

It is also worth noting that Brazil was one of the first countries to hand over a Jew to the Nazis. Getulius Vargas deported the Jew Olga Benario Prestes, who was killed in a gas chamber years later, in 1936, well before the invasion of Poland and the start of World War II, in 1939; well before the Wannsee Conference, in 1942, where the Germans decided on the genocide of the Jews.

Olga was German and was accused of spying for the Soviet Union, which had signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany in 1939 that included the division of Poland if it was invaded. The pact did not prevent Hitler from invading Russia.

South Africa is a pointless country. Its representatives at the Hague Court, as well as the Iranians who chair the UN Human Rights Council, are notorious anti-Semites. The UN is a farce that serves only the heads of banana republics by allowing them to pose as paladins of justice and freedom while emitting indiscriminate scents of hypocrisy.

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Roberto Rachewsky was born in 1955, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. His great-grandparents came from Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine), fleeing the pogroms of Tsar Nicholas II. Belonging to a family of traders, Roberto is the owner of an international logistics company and is an active supporter of laisse-faire capitalism for which he co-founded several institutions to spread the ideas of freedom. He recently published the book "The Greek, the Friar and the Heroine", which deals with the philosophical connection between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand.
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