Another Nail in Israel’s Coffin

According to the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, the term terrorist doesn’t even exist. Yet to incite hate driven fear upon another human being has been around, well, since human beings.

Today, who is being labeled a terrorist organization is not a black and white issue because a common definition of what terrorism really is varies from one country to the next. Terrorism has become a political agenda, a “technicality” not easily described by the International Community solely due to individuals who sit in high places, whose opinions were formed from childhood.

Now, unless the leaders of these great unions and organizations, such as the EU, have been brainwashed by the mind bending illuminists who call evil good and good evil, they should recognize that the determination of who is listed as a terrorist shouldn’t be based upon incompetent internet and media reporting groups, but the actions of the offenders themselves. The actions are the facts. However, the EU’s call to “temporarily” remove Hamas from their list of terrorist organizations (on “technical grounds”) is simply one more nail in the coffin for Israel.

If these “untouchable” people who sit in high places of office wish to understand what a terrorist really is, try examining the actions and nature of those who live at ground zero, those “illegal settlers”, who on their way to taking their children to school, get a rock through their windshield and a rocket in their living room. Or maybe ask my niece, who recently had to change school systems in order that the terrorists, (I mean bullies), would stop degrading her basic human rights based upon justifiable actions steeped in jealousy. Why not let her decide if Hamas should be kept on the “list” or not.

The European Court’s decision to remove Hamas is an action of failure to recognize the Shoah ever existed and a call for the world to “fire up” the ovens again. If the goal of any government is to destroy anyone who stands in the way of their agenda, then how will the world stop these entities when the second highest court takes an action to remove the word “terror” from terrorism. All that will do is provide the terrorists with another pat on the back, a reinforcement that their diabolical deeds are not overlooked and in fact, appreciated.

Well, what is not appreciated is the countless millions who have suffered under the hands of terrorism for the sake of making a “political statement” and advancing their kingdoms of hatred. What if, what if, for example, we let the terrorists have their way. Sure, lets remove all organizations from the list, those who have acted out in violence, and let them set up what they have been calling for all along – world domination. However, one last thought… I can’t help but think of 2 Chronicles chapter 20…

If there’s no one left to kill, what then?

About the Author
Derek Townsend was born in Long Beach, California and has had a passion all his life for travel, research, history, archaeology, justice and truth. He works as a book publisher, videographer, writer, graphics artist and web designer. Derek is married and currently resides in Costa Rica.