Anti-Semites (and Self Haters) Gone Wild

It must be the phases of the moon or the end of spring fever or something else.. But lately it seems like there has been a surge of nuttiness that is not just restricted to the Republicans in the U.S. who all of a sudden seem to absolutely hate the policies that President Bush put in place that are now being utilized by the Obama Administration. No, the stunning hypocrisy there is not the worst of it.

Lately it seems like the anti-Semites are out in droves. Of course, they and their self hating allies in Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) are all in a flutter about the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions Movement… so what did they come up with? Camp BDS.

Where students will get:

  • Extensive campaign development coaching
  • Grassroots organizing skill building
  • Media & Messaging trainings
  • Anti-oppression analysis workshops
  • Nonviolent direct action planning
  • Historical overview of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
  • Relationship building with activists on campuses nationwide
  • Strategy sessions with BDS movement leaders
  • Two tracks for existing and new campaigns

Plus: fun in a summer camp-like environment!

And just imagine… all of that PLUS – “fun in a summer camp-like environment”. Somehow, I think this would be different from the summer camps that I attended as a kid that stressed swimming, arts and crafts, sports, and generally getting along with your neighbors. I am not sure how messages of “Destroy Israel” and “Boycott Jews” are going to translate into a rollicking good time.

Perhaps though one of the first things they should do is probably pull their ad off the internet. After all, if they are boycotting Israel and Israeli goods they might not want to use those Intel chips in their computers (if they are using Microsoft). IF they are using Apple’s well… they better drop those too, as Apple is also involved with Israel. Oh well… should be an interesting camp. I would be looking forward to the parts of camp where they don’t use first aid kits, or cell phones, or Teh Google or a hundred other things all because well… they are boycotting Israel and companies that deal with Israel.

One thing comes to mind as well… How do they know that the buildings they are sleeping in, didn’t get built with Caterpillar equipment. I mean they should be boycotting that as well. Right? I mean if these guys are going to boycott… then let them really boycott.

Anyway, but that isn’t some of the rest of things about us pernicious JOOZ! Apparently we are everywhere. So here are some of the great things from around the intertoobz where the whack nut anti-Semites seem to be having a field day.

First, we have the Phil Weiss – proprietor of the hate site Mondoweiss (or better known as MondoFront since it combines all the elements of conspiracy theories with the rabid hate of the Neo-Nazi StormFront site) actually stating that the only reason that the Robert Kraft, Superbowl Ring, Vladimir Putin story resurfaced was… Because Israel hates Syria and we are beholden to Israel. Here is Weiss:

As for imputing an Israel motivation to Kraft’s decision, well, that’s the problem with the Israel lobby, it implicitly raises the question. And Kraft supports Israel in many ways. Riding through Jerusalem on the light rail, I often see the Robert Kraft stadium built to promote football. I have often gone to the Robert Kraft center for Jewish life at Columbia to see pro-Israel events. “A taste of home” is the promotional slogan at Nana, the cafeteria there that serves Israeli foods. Kraft’s late wife once said that her sons could fight for Israel, she wouldn’t want them in American uniforms.


Am I accusing Kraft of blabbing now because he’s trying to help Israel? I certainly wonder. Maybe Kraft will tell us, in another 8 years…

In short, everything in the world revolves around Israel and the Jews. And since Jews and Israel control the Western World we wanted Kraft to bring out this story so that we can stir up bad feelings for Russia because they don’t like Israel… or some such nonsense.

But Weiss is just someone running a small meeting site where haters of Jews, and their self hating Jewish sycophants can hang out and swap ideas about how Jews really run the U.S. and Israel runs the world. It’s not like he is a world leader or Head of State or anything.

No.. for that we have Ankara Mayor and close friend (and member of the PM’s Party) of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to play that role. In a note on Twitter – Ankara Mayor İbrahim Melih Gökçek, a member of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, claimed that the protests now raging in Turkey are part of an effort by the American “Jewish lobby” to undermine Turkey’s government.

Now to be fair to Erdogan (who had said that Zionism is the equivalent of “war crime” – he didn’t directly blame “The Jewish Lobby”, he simply used code words saying:

Addressing the crowd from atop a bus outside the airport, Erdogan accused speculators of encouraging the protests, saying that an “interest-rates lobby” is “threatening Turkey with speculation in the markets.” He said that “no power can stop Turkey’s rise except God,” while supporters chanted: “Open the way and we’ll crush Taksim.”

So far… Got a problem with Russia… Blame Israel or “the Jewish Lobby”, Got a problem in Turkey… why who else but the Jews are too blame? Is there anywhere else safe from the Jews or Israel? Any country, any place that is not susceptible to our world control. Well the answer of course is a resounding NO!!!!! Why do I say that? Well here you – from North Korea:

Senior North Korean officials received copies of “Mein Kampf,” Adolf Hitler’s rambling prison memoir, as gifts for Kim Jong Un’s birthday this January, according to a report by New Focus International, a North Korean news organization that sources from defectors and volunteer citizens within the country.


The famous Nazi autobiography was reportedly distributed as what’s called a “hundred-copy book,” which refers to Pyongyang’s practice of circulating an extremely limited number of copies among top officials, though most books are forbidden in North Korea. Gifts marking the leader’s birthday are typically imbued with special political significance.


The book was apparently not distributed to endorse Nazism so much as to draw attention to Germany’s economic and military reconstruction after World War One. A North Korean who works on behalf of the country in China told New Focus that Kim gave a speech endorsing Germany’s inter-war revival and encouraging officials to read “Mein Kampf.”

Because what better describes a nations “pulling itself up from its bootstraps” better than an inspirational tome regarding Hitler’s struggle against Jewish Oppression? I mean how much more simple can it get?

Anyway, maybe this is just a momentary upswing in lunacy caused by tides, the moon or some other environmental factor. BUT most likely, I don’t think that is it at all. I think it is a reflection of the difficult times we are living in and  I think that we can expect to see a lot more of this kind of nonsense to come as conflicts in the world heat up and people that have antipathy for the Jewish people look to blame all ills on Israel in order to “take eyes off” their own failings and policies – as has been the case throughout history.


About the Author
Jon Segall is creator of the blog The Progressive Zionist. Jon has lived in Israel and studied Israeli and American Policy in the region. Currently Jon, is re-learning Hebrew, and is an active practitioner of the Israel Self Defense Martial Art Krav Maga.