Anti-Semitism is a confirmation that the Jews are successfully fulfilling their mission of the Chosen

Yes, that is true – I believe anti-Semitism is a confirmation that we the Jews are successfully fulfilling our mission of the Chosen – the Chosen by God (in any of His images) not for the purpose of oppressing and robbing the non-Jews but for the purpose of helping the non-Jews to build a better world for everybody where every individual may reach his or her individual spiritual and material “skies”. We have been successful and a magnificent Torah/Bible-based Judeo-Christian civilization built together with good Gentiles is a proof of our success. The absence of anti-Semitism may mean we the Jews failed in our mission of the Chosen.

That is the result of my assessment of not only the history of Jewish people and Judeo-Christian civilization but the spiritual foundation of anti-Semites as well. I understand what motivates anti-Semites to do what they are doing – they are trying to defend and protect their pre-Torah/Bible realm.

According to the Torah, and this was confirmed in the Bible, God created all people in His image and likeness – God created all people equal.

The pro-Jewish people adhere to this Torah/Bible concept and are trying to build God’s better world for everybody. The great majority of the Jews are – consciously (who have studied the Torah) or unconsciously (a sort of genetically) – in this pro-Jewish group as well as many (I hope the majority) of Christians.

The anti-Jewish people whom we called anti-Semites don’t believe in this God’s concept described in the Torah. They believe that all peoples are unequal, and their own people are better than the others; therefore they have to build a better world for their own people at the expense of other peoples. The Nazis were building a better world for the Arian German nation at the expense of Jews (kill them!), Slavic peoples (enslave them!), etc. The Communists were building a better world for the relatively non-wealthy people (the proletariat has to rule!) at the expense of relatively wealthy people (the capitalists have to be exterminated or put in labor camps!). The Muslims are trying to build a better world only for Sharia-obeying people at the expense of all others (kill them or convert them!). Some Christians are trying to restrict the entrance to God’s better world for everybody who doesn’t share their interpretation of the Bible. The Atheists are trying to build a better world for themselves at the expense of religious peoples.

The anti-Semites may despise each other but they are united in their desire to disparage the Jews and other pro-Jewish people who believe that God’s better world should be better for everybody since God created everybody as equals in His own likeness and image. Why the anti-Semites are trying to do this? – Because Torah-based Jewish ideas on building a better world for everybody are mighty Jewish road-blocks preventing all kinds of anti-Semites to build their own anti-God’s “better worlds”.

Among anti-Semites there is a sort of true anti-Semitic believers and there is only one way to restrict their assault on the Jews – by depicting them as an evil and creating legislative acts restraining them. And that is what many Jews and good Gentiles are doing these days. Below are two examples of that:

Here U.S. urges other governments to denounce violence against the Jews.

Here Chief U.K. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and thousands of his congregants demand “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitism.

However, the government’s denouncement of anti-Semitism and zero-tolerance to it is not enough – in the Judeo-Christian democratic civilization the anti-Semites as any other citizens don’t follow government’s spiritual orders. Governments may legislatively restrain their citizens from speaking in public about their beliefs but governments cannot change citizen’s beliefs.

Beliefs cannot be changed by government’s regulations but they could be confronted by disproving their spiritual foundation. Such confrontation may be accepted by the majority of anti-Semites who are not the true believers in the evilness of the Jews but rather believers in the false information – presented to them by the true anti-Semites – on the Torah and the Jews as the Chosen. The essence of this false information is that the Jews are building a better world only for themselves at the expense of all other peoples. Most of those anti-Semites are open-minded people. However, nobody (or almost nobody) is presented to them the true Torah-based information on what kind of God’s better world the Jews are trying to build for everybody.

I am trying to do something on my own – see for example

However, this fight with anti-Semitism would be much stronger if rabbinical authorities – with the authoritative knowledge of the mission of the Chosen – support it. Unfortunately that is not the case as might be seen for example at

in the paper “Who Needs Anti-Semites?” by Rabbi Yossy Goldman.

Rabbi Goldman concludes his paper on an optimistic note: “Judaism is a boon, not a burden. We should be staunch about our heritage. It is a badge of honor to wear with noble pride. If you don’t know why, go and study”.

However at the beginning of the paper he quotes philosopher Sartre in the following way: “The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre made that point in his book Anti-Semite & Jew. Without the constant reminders and threats to our existence, we Jews would have been lulled into a peaceful and passive state of national amnesia. Secure in our comfort zones, we might have lost much of our unique identity”.

And here I am confused by both philosopher Sartre and Rabbi Goldman. It looks like they consider the comfort zone for the Jews is the isolated space of their synagogues, communities and families while my understanding of the mission of the Jews as the Chosen is that the comfort zone should be the entire world. It looks like they consider the unique identity of the Jews to be expressed only in the confinement of their synagogues, communities and families while my understanding is that the unique Jewish identity should be demonstrated in the entire world.

For the last two millenniums the Jews have lived both in their isolated synagogues, communities and families and in the entire world at the same time. In the entire world, the Jews were trying to guide the others in building a better world for everybody. The others were resisting the change and created a weapon of resistance – the anti-Semitism. The anti-Semitism is “normal” reaction of people who want to preserve their old way of life. The lack of anti-Semitism may mean the failure of the Jews to effectively perform their mission of the Chosen.

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.