Anti-Semitism, My Anti-Semitism

Anti-semitism, My anti-Semitism, my fortress, my seclusion.
You are more precious to me than the celestial praises.
and dearer to my honor than endless glory.

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism,
Through you I know I am still witness and loyal to my Oath
to draw a line in the sand
To wave the banner of the Upright and Just
To storm the evil within man’s heart

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
through you I know I am still relevant –
still needed to fight for the oppressed,
to defend the weak, to comfort the brokenhearted,
to clothe the naked, to feed the hunger, to save the old, to rescue the unborn, to honor the gift of Life

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
in your madness, in your hatred
you have only strengthened my resolve
to fight through the dark night
when I am near hopelessness
and none but death is my friend

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
your seas of intimidation roars its mighty waves
But I shall stand as my forefathers and foremothers,
with Faith in one hand and the Tablets of Law in the other as my sword and shield –
And fight, I shall!
And you and I shall embrace in battle.
And I will never let go until your defeat.

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
In your face I laugh at you.
Empires have you sent to defeat my soul
to break my spirit, to throw off my scared Oath.
Yet with every arrow, with every beating of the whip
you only burned my courage further into my Soul

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
Badges of honor have you seared into my being.
Egyptian Bondage, Assyrian Torture, Greek Darkness,
Roman Exile, Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Holocaust, Soviet Oppression, BDS Madness.

Each I wear as a medal for the wisdom and joy in being shunned, for being scorned.
For I am that Beacon Light on the Hill
That gives All the hope to dream.
For All struggle is me and I am All struggle.
For I was Slave, I was Race, I was Exiled, I was Dust.

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
In fire you burned me
in water you have drowned me
in cattle cars you transported me
in laboratories you experimented upon me
in crematoriums you burned me
in fear you brainwashed me
But in my eternal resistance, of my self knowledge, you have enriched me

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
you have proven my defiance,
I am as young as the day I was born and swore
upon a Mountain that I would never break my Vow
to my Way, to my Father, to my Mother, to the Sacrifices of
those gone before me, to my G-d.

anti-semitism, my anti-semitism
your darkness will fade away –
On hearts and minds you will no longer prey.
And you shall dig your own grave
for you are an empty hate filled wave.
The Good within ALL will one day arise
and Hate will be forever buried with all its lies
And Our Beacon Light will eternally shine
through every corner of the Earth for Our Message is The Divine

A poem inspired by the work KG

About the Author
Rabbi Avi Schwartz, is the son of the Palmach Legend, Motke Eish HaGarzen, Motke the Axeman. His Father was the commander that led the 21 Palmach Warriors who conquered Har Tzion ( Mount Zion), King David's Tomb in 1948, rescuing 1,700 Jewish men, women and children from the onslaught in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Rabbi Schwartz is both a Black Hat Rabbi and Zionist activist. A filmmaker and writer, with works in Netflix, he is also the creator of the first apps against BDS: Fight BDS and BDS Myth Busters (BDS Myth Busters is sponsored by the Hollywood icon and anti-BDS activist Roseanne Barr. Rabbi Schwartz is the VP of Digital Marketing and Director of Energycite, a breakthrough technology in energy conservation. He also is the founder of Torah Teen Palmach Center, training teens to be future leaders in the tradition of the Palmach.
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