Apartheid Iran

Iran has always accused the Great State of Israel of being an apartheid regime when in fact the racism lives in the heart of their corrupt government.

Iran’s political elite are just a group of well trained actors and actresses who know how to dress their lies up in beautiful outfits and sell them to poor Iranian people. Mostafa Tajzadeh is a high ranking official who is clearly proud of his racist proclivities. A simple search will show you how powerful he is in Iran’s political arena and he is one of the reformists who claim to be the voice of freedom and humanity!

His tweet a few days ago was about congratulating Iranians for beating Afghani people out of their cities and he called this shameful act “a symbol of unity”.

This type of racism exists among Iranian political elite and promoting and acting on it is a clear violation of human rights and international entities should react to this kind of barbaric behavior.

There are close to ten thousand immigrants passing through Iran in order to get to the west every year and one thousand of them go missing or get killed which is about ten percent! This clearly proves that this kind of racism among Iranian politicians and decision makers results in such brutal slaughter and this is the sacred duty of International organizations to stop Iran and punish all those racist thugs.

There is an urgent need for justice here and there should be teams of investigators to get to the bottom of this unbelievably cruel set of circumstances and help all those innocent victims.

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Proud Jewish girl, born and raised in the US, Masters in Political Science from the University of Arizona.
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