Arab League, Stand up to Obama

There is a momentum building in Washington in favor of applying more pressure against the Obama Administration for its amply demonstrative incompetence to strike a good deal with Iran. The response to the Netanyahu speech in Congress has been quite positive. It sparked an important debate seeking answers to what really constitute a “good deal”. That debate requires the support of the Arab countries if they desire to see Iran’s wings clipped.

Support by the Arab League for a better deal should be vocal and as compelling. The Prime Minister of Israel expressed publicly what the Arab countries have expressed privately with regard to a nuclear arm race in the region should Iran retain its nuclear infrastructure. The ball is in the courts of the Arab rulers now to express personally, not through Op-Eds in their newspapers, their vocal displeasure with a structured bad deal that will disfigure the region and subjects it to Iranian hegemony. Arab League, you must stand up to Obama.

For many who live in Washington, we consider Barack Obama to be a paper tiger who is trying hard not to look like one. He fools none of us. This President has unleashed Iran upon the region and time has come, following the Netanyahu speech, to put an end to his shortsightedness.

Such can only happen if the GCC and the Arab League, in unison, stand up to Obama, the P5+1 and demand limiting Iran’s capacity to build a nuclear weapon and a delivery system that can reach every Arab capital in the region. Short of that, Obama and the P5+1 may believe the Arab countries are weak, or worse that they approve of his deal with Iran as it is structured, which will only embolden him to continue on his wrong path. If the world does not hear, loud and clear, our objections to an Iranian nuclear program Obama seems to be fast tracking, Obama would sell it to the world as Arab tacit support.

Some pro-Obama, far left Democrats in Congress have began to treat Netanyahu’s speech as fear-mongering (See video below). Such tactic may play against the Arab interests if the American public begins believing the rhetoric as it diminishes the threat of Iran. Nothing more would show how wrong these extreme left legislators are than King Salman or King Abdullah II, through a highly visible interview, go on record as saying that today’s bad deal with Iran will spark a nuclear arm race in the region. The far left engineered this deal with Iran, and the Arab League’s aim should be to discredit them whenever they make such inaccurate statements.

Israel has done its part to stop a bad deal from happening. Now, it is our turn to do the same by vocalizing our concerns and confirming that the Obama path we are all following will spark an arm race. Such warnings will not go unnoticed in Washington, especially in light of Netanyahu’s speech.

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