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Arab Palestinians….. A definition

The Times of Israel refers to Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza as “Palestinians”, but I question that this is proper usage. Because Palestine has a geographic definition that includes (depending on whose definition it is..…) Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and maybe even Jordan, using “Palestinians” for those living in the West Bank and Gaza may add fuel to those around the world who don’t understand the thousands of years of Jewish history in “Palestine” and the inalienable rights of the Jewish People to have their State in their original Homeland.

Sometimes a name makes a difference. Just look at how Greece insisted for there to be a difference between their province of Macedonia and the country now named North Macedonia.

Jews are Palestinians as well and remember that before 1948 “Palestinian” often referred to the Jews living in Palestine. The original name of the Jerusalem Post was the Palestine Post.

Jewish Palestinians have chosen to be known as Israelis and Arabs in Palestine are Arab Palestinians. They have no entitlement to be exclusively Palestinians and using Arab Palestinians instead of Palestinians is one way to clarify history for those who willfully or deliberately ignore Jewish rights in their original homeland.
There are Israelis and Arab Palestinians living in Palestine.

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