Arab Women Race Through Jerusalem with Weapons

Arab women raced through the center of Jerusalem with weapons?

NO…   but that would make main stream media news and probably international headlines. Last week the second Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Israel was held in Jerusalem… and it did not merit a yawn.

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Hundreds of Arab women came from all over Israel to participate in the race to raise funds for breast cancer research, but the world did not see or hear of it.

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As thousands gathered in Sacher Park, there was added security

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and check points to go through…but not like the world imagines.

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The hundreds of Arab women walked through the center of Jerusalem armed with sun umbrellas, mixing with the participants who included

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Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, US Senator Joe Lieberman, and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and their wives.

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As the route went up Bezalel Street to the center of town,

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 the Arab women stopped to rest in the shade

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 when and where they wanted.

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At the finish line by the walls of the Old City, there was a Yoga class.

"picture Arab women", "photo Arab woman", 'Image Arab women"

These are not the images the world sees.

It is no wonder Israel has a negative image in the world,

the world only sees negative images.

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Tired of only seeing negatives images of Jerusalem in the media, I started taking pictures of what is really happening, to show the world the real Jerusalem streets..