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Over at my other blog, Israellycool, we have a new contributor. He was born in Iraq and raised as a Muslim. Today he calls himself an “Arab zionist and former Muslim”

His introductory post on Israellycool is really required reading and will challenge many well held shibboleths. Chief amongst these is that Islam is not inherently Jew hating or that Israeli actions lie at the heart of modern Arab and Muslim dislike of Jews.

Of his schooling in British Islamic schools he writes:

I have an Islamic background and I went to Muslim schools in the UK, from age 7 to 16. When I first started, the indoctrination began, and I was taught to hate and demonize Jews and other “infidels” (but the main focus was on Jews). I was also warned against buying certain products, such as Jaffa oranges and many others. By the time I was 10-12, this was the height of my antisemitism. I was paranoid and believed everything I was taught.


In 1996, at age 14, there was a war in Lebanon. Hezbollah was firing rockets into Israel and Israel retaliated. Our Imam told us that the head of Hezbollah would march into Tel Aviv and then Jerusalem by the next week. Of course, a week later Hezbollah had suffered a humiliating defeat. Yet the Imam came out with the same rhetoric. Our Islamic teacher, though, had a different view – he was more despondent and angry, and told us that if we fight the Jews then it is ok ‘to kill them and to drink their blood.’

This is the one post you should read today. See how his indoctrination to hate JEWS (not Israelis) took place in the UK long before 9-11. There is no doubt that most of the world had no idea about Islam until 9-11. This was Islamic, theological indoctrination of a UK Muslim to hate Jews. Israel is just a modern hook on which to hang ancient Islamic hatreds.

There were a very few brave souls warning about what Islam was becoming in the modern era, but they were largely ignored at that time. We were told that Arab terrorism against Israel and Jews was a nationalist issue, we were told it was just a dispute over land. It never was. That was a ruse, a lie: “TAQIYAH” is the correct Islamic term for lying to help defend or propagate Islam.

This is of huge importance today. Read Orim’s story and understand what drives an Iraqi former Muslim to defend Israel more vigorously and understand Israel’s predicament more deeply than a majority of the west’s liberal Jews.

The following video shows Orim in action confronting Jew hatred, thinly disguised as “pro Palestinianism” on the streets of London.

We’re looking forward to his future work.

Orim Shimshon pic-for-israellycool

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