Are You a Spectator or a Player?

A year has passed. A new year is upon us.

Will anything change? Will things improve ? Or will they become worse? How do we break the deadlock? Can we ever escape our entrenched positions? What is our role and purpose as individuals? Is it really possible to change the world around us?

The answer is a resounding YES! But first you are in need of a paradigm shift. A shift so powerful, it will transform your life.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the question:

Are you a spectator or are you a player? Were you born for a purpose? Or is it all just fun and games? Do you make a difference? Or can the world survive without you?

You know the answer. For it is embedded deep inside each and every one of us. It comes to the forefront on the birthday of mankind. The moment occurs on Rosh Hashanah when G-d says to his children, I need you, each and every one of you, I can’t manage without you!

We have all been empowered to be players in the tide of history. Each one of us can make a true difference. Every good deed creates momentum. Even one random act of kindness can serve as the tipping point.

We are not spectators. Not a single one of us. We are partners with G-d in perfecting creation. We achieve this by inspiring mankind to realize it’s full potential.

This message of Rosh Hashana is timeless and universal. It reverberates deep within the conscience of every human being.

To be a spectator, or to be a player?

The choice is yours.

About the Author
Founder and CEO of Center for Jewish Life, London UK.