Are you boycotting Israel or humanity?

Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

From time to time I read articles written by those who are constantly encouraging people to boycott Israel. What are they boycotting? Usually they are talking about food and drinks… However, we have to be objective. Israel is the country of innovations, science, and technology. Unfortunately, there are those who want to spread hate instead of love, so they prefer to promote discrimination. However, there’s one thing I want to say to these people attacking Israel: be coherent and boycott all products from Israel, and we’ll see if what you’re boycotting is Israel or the whole humanity.

So let’s have a look at some more products you should boycott and in this article I’m going to focus on the medical area. Israel is a country that invests in the future. It’s a land of amazing innovations which are useful not just for Israelis but the entire humanity. Given this point, I hope that some people will switch off TV and use their own brain to conclude what is that makes this world better place? Is it hate, or maybe someone’s work which contributes for a better life to all people? Decision is yours. So let’s have a look at just a few of them.
– SensAheart is an innovation made by Israeli company Novamed. The device is invented in order to detect coming heart attack. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– Rewalk Robotics exoskeleton is great innovation which has great life – changing impact on those people who have spinal cord injuries. This is true for Israel, US, Europe or even Africa. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– NICOM non-invasive cardiac output monitor is invented by Cheetah Medical in order to prevent sepsis. One in four hospital deaths are caused by this life-threatening blood infection. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– The BioWeld1 is an innovation by IonMed. Purpose of this innovation is to close surgical incisions by using cold plasma instead of a needle and thread. Operation is done within minutes. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– The Babysense breathing monitor is invented by HiSense. The purpose of this device is to alerts parents of apnea (respiratory cessation). Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– Blizzard Survival by PerSys Medical has line of products which leads the market in hypothermia care.

Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– The “Israeli bandage” is also known as The First Care Emergency Bandage. It serves to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds when trauma situation occurs. This innovation is developed by an Israeli military medic. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– PillCam is invented by Israeli capsule endoscopy developer Given Imaging. It is tiny camera embedded inside a pill which serves to explore gastro-intestinal tract. Nowadays, doctors may see areas which were inaccessible before thanks to this innovation. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– MarginProbe is invented in order to explore skin tissue weather its cancerous or not. Are you really boycotting Israel or human life?

– “Save a Child’s Heart” (SACH) is a humanitarian organisation which provides treatment to children who suffer from heart disease from all around the world. Unfortunately, adequate medical care cannot be provided to those children in their home countries, therefore they come in Israel. Are you boycotting Israel or the right of a child to live?

Finally I will mention one interesting fact which will not be presented in media. Israel set up field hospitals on its border with Syria in order to provide adequate medical care to the victims of the Syrian civil war. Are you really boycotting Israel or you just don’t care about human lives?

So why are these people boycotting Israel? Because they hate the fact that Israel is not just on the map to stay but to contribute to better quality of life?

Moreover, there are people who are silent when innocent lives are taken away on most brutal manners. They are silent when terrorists show horrific executions and appear proud with blood on their hands.

When it comes to boycott, I may say that there are few issues which should be boycotted immediately; human stupidity, hate speech and indifference to the value of human life.
Quoting a wonderful thought from the Talmud: “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire”; should remind everyone that Israeli innovations are saving lives all around the world on daily basis.

So think about it again: Are you boycotting Israel or human life?

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She is writer and journalist and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also an American PEN member.