Are You Still Drunk with Obama?

The stage drunkards reach as the alcohol dissipates in their system unravels a state of stupor, sluggish behavior, and trip-wire balance. America is in that stage now where the dreamers who voted for Obama suddenly find themselves scratching their heads.

We have a bigger problem than to dispose of Assad’s CW; we first must dispose of the fear gripping this nation led by a President who is mostly out of sight to be out of mind. The fear to go to war is the 100lbs potato sack we carry while running the world stage.

A brilliant opinion by Elliott Cohen in the Washington Post sums it up this way:

“When retired generals, claiming to speak for active-duty troops (who usually resent having views put in their mouth that way), talk about war-weariness, they do not help American diplomacy. They hurt it, because the surest way for a president to negotiate credibly, and thus avoid war, is to have at his side a growling mastiff on the leash — not a tired bloodhound that looks as though it has had, for the moment, enough tussles with the other canines.

Above all, a president has no business confessing to war-weariness. Sending soldiers to war is a hard business. But President Obama knew he was going to be a war president; if that duty was too trying for him, he should not have run for reelection, because, as he has discovered, he might have to fight new wars and not merely end old ones.”

I would add another one.

If Mr. Obama refuses to protect US interests, he should just claim the title of President elect and abandon the most important one, in these trying times, of Commander-in-Chief to someone more capable. Since Article II, Section 2 of the US Constitution confers the title of “Commander-in-Chief” unto the President, his executive powers, conferred in Article II, Section 1, might permit him a temporary stay of those duties. As the President elect, Mr. Obama can spend the rest of his term golfing away and flying on Air Force One feeling good and happy.

For sure, Assad is the mass murderer all those who lived under his rule know too well, but without the timidity and indecisiveness of Mr. Obama as a facilitator to Assad’s crimes, Assad would just be another kick in the butt dictator. Mr. Obama made Assad use his limitless monstrosity with impunity and Mr. Obama refuses to take stock of his creation.

Furthermore, redirecting the US energy to negotiating a mirage settlement with Russia, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah might top the flip-flops on Syria. Our President will be known best for pursuing diplomacy with mass murderers and liars while confessing to weariness of war and leaking intelligence to help the enemy. Are you still drunk with Obama?

America is now recovering from all the hope and change alcohol its citizenry consumed. The Syrian fiasco was the phone ringing by our bedside telling us to shake off the alcohol and get to work.

For those skeptics amongst us, here is another sobering paragraph from Cohen’s op-ed I believe is a classic all future US Presidents will read:

“For a president to confess to war- weariness is to confess weakness. It is the business of the commander in chief to inspire, either with tempered optimism or grim determination. He fails in his duty if he tells his subordinates, his people and the world that he is weary of the burden that he assiduously sought. In their dark moments, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who presided over infinitely more consequential and bloodier wars than Barack Obama, were undoubtedly war-weary. Can anyone imagine them proclaiming it to the world?”