Aren’t blogs the worst?

Who cares?

No offense, but probably no-one.

I apologize for the following statement to any of my friends that have blogs; I do not have the mental strength to follow a blog. I cannot commit to reading about your thoughts on politics. I do not have the desire to click the links to your histories of musicians that I don’t know.

At best, I may be interested in several once-off ‘check-in’s on your chosen subject. At worst, you force me to waste electricity, just to support your effort (which I do, because I’m not a monster).

So – what is this blog all about then?

I’m an Australian moving to Israel in a month.

My head is full of opinions on Israeli issues, which I’d like to catalog. Over time, I’d like to record how my opinions change and why.

Who will care?

Probably no-one.



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About the Author
Zev Levi is an Australian oleh cataloging how his opinions on local issues change and why. If you think he's wrong or missing something, let him know.
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