As the situation worsens

Life is a gift but it’s also a curse

For there are those who have endless thirst

Life is taken for granted

By those whose only ambition

Is to see the end of the Jewish nation

Spitting out hate that continues to get stronger

Them thinking we won’t be able to take it much longer

Children have lost their youth

Either by growing up in a constant state of fear

Or by absorbing in so much hostility without any truthful plausibility

I check the news by the hour, each time the situations grows more sour

This is not the first and for sure not the last that the people of Israel must put their lives on hold

Everyone wondering what events will continue to unfold, soldiers waiting for orders to be told

For now we all wait, just like in 1948, hoping it’s not too late to remain a defendable state

But one thing is for sure, the people of Israel are here to endure

no amount of rockets or violence will make us leave

this disease you continue to spread brings with it so much dread

All our neighbours have given us battles and war

but our pride and strength has always been at the core

The door to war is almost open, please let’s not let it open anymore

before more lives on both sides are lost and humanity pays the terrible cost

About the Author
Hannah Katz made Aliyah from Indiana in May and is currently studying at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at IDC Herzliya. After receiving her BA next year, Hannah plans to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Currently a research assistant for the Institute of Counterterrorism, and a writer for ReThink Israel, Hannah is passionate about Israel and international affairs.
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