Assad Matters No More

Ever since the start of the Syrian peaceful uprising, Baschar al-Assad has watched his powers dissipate slowly over time and it is obvious he cannot win this civil war no matter how depraved or immoral his actions are against his own people.

The Syrian Trust now resides in the hands of Syria’s civil war funders (Iran) and its weapons supplier (Russia). With up to 100,000 foreign Iranian and Hezbollah fighters in addition to thousands of al-Qaeda foreign mercenaries, even Syria’s battlefields have fallen steadily outside Assad’s control or even the Syrian people control.

Given these facts, Assad matters no more and one has to assume, going forward, that Syria is in bankruptcy, mainly owned by its bankers and suppliers feeding the war.

Michael Ledeen, a frequent Wall Street Journal opinion shaper, wrote an excellent Blog entitled “Obama, Putin and Rouhani: the Sources of War” that highlights the freedom and the will of each leader to act. In describing Obama, Ledeen offered the following:

“Obama has lots of power, and he uses it effectively to divide his already fractured and feckless opposition, and expand the soft tyranny that he desires.  He knows what he wants in America:  a country crisscrossed with paralyzing rules and regulations, in which he can impose his will through big institutions (both private and governmental) and charisma. He also seems to know what he wants from America-in-the-world:  weakness and withdrawal.”

One can find, in Ledeen’s words, the reason why Iran and Russia own Syria today; largely, the US, driven by Obama’s vision and desires, is weak and withdrawing. Like the sails of a defeated World Cup sailboat, America’s powers are flapping in the wind. The US chose, by design, to yield even though Syrians presented the West with a priceless opportunity to clean the world from the Assad’s house of terror, permanently.

It gets even worse; Syria and Lebanon are home to the most moderate Muslims in the all of Arab world. However, today Syria has become home to the vilest of extremists. The Obama Administration, effectively, watched the Syrian civil war burn the moderates alive and the extremists grow steadily without lifting a finger to reverse the tide.

Given Syria is bankrupt and Assad no longer controls his or Syria’s destiny, there are two important questions to ask: what impact Iran’s occupation of Syria will have on the region and can Iran stretch its chokehold to the Mediterranean without ever clashing with Russia? After all, the doctrine of resistance targets all foreign implants, occupation, or undue foreign influence.

Further, because the United States chose to be helpless in Syria, will this administration adopt any defense imperatives in the region to accelerate divisiveness between two unnatural allies in Iran and Russia?

Putin, influenced by the Russian war in Chechnya and other parameters, is skeptical of the Crescent and some may even say he dislikes Islam (Putting it gently, Vladimir). The West should take advantage of this factor to divide Iran from Russia, thus saving Syria from the claws of a Mullah victory or the possibility Putin is after a Cold War rematch.

The options, in my opinion, are limited in scope as long as Mr. Obama resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Having watched this administration fall in one trap after another, I believe it is ill equipped to secure the US beyond covering-up its failures, closing US Embassies, and calling terror against US Servicemen workplace violence.

Even though Mr. Obama is a natural divider-in-chief, his attention span on domestic issues far outstrips his attention span on the international problems he seems to cause systematically.

Again, Ledeen explains Obama’s psychometrics brilliantly in the same Blog:

“Weakening and containing America is little more than preemptive appeasement, and it breeds contempt, the most dangerous of all things to any leader. Obama senses at least a part of this. He doesn’t like being spat upon by Putin (whether about Snowden or Assad), which accounts for the hissy fit. However, there is nothing strategic in the cancellation of the Putin summit; it’s a personal matter, it’s of a piece with the error of trying to explain the world by resort to psychobabble about celebrities. And so he spat back.”

As far as al-Qaeda is concerned, those rascals are like rats, they flourish in the sewers of failed Governments and only a strong Syrian army, led by the FSA’s early liberal defectors the Syrian people would totally support, can fumigate them to correct the mistakes Washington made.

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