Assad, these are your Jihadists

The world has forgotten about the videos posted by the Assad regime on YouTube, since the Syrian uprising in March of 2011, to show its implementation of an ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at sparking a Jihadist manifestation Assad can reinforce with the notion that “if not me, it’s the Islamists”.

These are Assad’s Jihadists. All of Syria, and neighboring countries, are paying a dear price for his policies of terror and the international community has no choice but to hold responsible the Assad regime, as well as the Jihadists, for crimes against humanity.

To those of us who suffer from memory lapses, here are some English-titled videos that ought to help us re-acquaint ourselves with the Modus Operandi of the Assad regime. If you watch some of them in a descending order, you will notice a clear pattern forming.

Incidentally, the Arabic titled videos are far more numerous. Warning: Many are too graphic to watch.

  • A Video page with over 75 videos of Assad men torturing civilians and FSA captives. Some clearly show Assad men offending Islam by cursing the Koran intended to anger and attract the Islamists as well as create new ones.
  • A Video page with over 50 videos of Assad men torturing and killing children.
  • A Video page with some 30 videos of Assad men ethnically cleansing regions by any mean possible to include missile attacks.

Many videos posted by the Syrian Electronic Army, in the past, were deleted to expunge the records of the Assad Jihadist strategy. The Syrian opposition has archived, for the most part, the videos posted above.

In some of the older, pre-Jihadist videos, the FSA battling Assad responded by summarily executing any Shabeeha para-military men. Never blame anyone who acts in self-defense to protect his home and his family from a certain slaughter; any Sderot resident would empathize with this notion I think.

Why would the Assad regime post these videos clearly the international community can use to hold Assad responsible for crimes against humanity? If Assad survives, because the West now seeks his regime to battle the Jihadists, he could care less about what the UN or any other body thinks or does. Bachir of Sudan set a low bar on this issue already.

These videos also factor into a larger propaganda war aimed at psychologically depressing the enemy and demoralizing it.

Historians analyzing the Syrian civil war most likely will split it into 3-phases. So far.

The first phase pegged peaceful Syrian protestors against the Assad regime and the regime meeting them with a hail of bullets. It lasted until September/November of 2011.

The second phase pegged Free Syrian Army defectors responding to Assad’s violence by waging limited battles in different parts of the country. It lasted until the early summer of 2012.

The third phase saw more and more Jihadists entering Syria to join the FSA, the West becoming more cautious about Syria, and Assad using SCUDs and chemical weapons to exact pain against the fighters and to strike fear into the hearts of the civilians. Still on going.

We must not fall in Assads’ traps. If he survives, he will exact a price, through terror, from every country that battled him openly to include the US, Britain, and France. With the Mullahs by his side and thousands of lethal missiles at his disposal, Assad will have to secure his regime against any future outside interference by bleeding his enemies badly.

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