Assad to Sunnis is what AQ is to America

President Obama has surrounded himself with advisers who are taking the US down a very slippery slope of more terror and more upheaval in the region.

Let us consider some facts here:

  • Fact One: Assad is to the Sunni Arab world what al-Qaeda was to America on 9/11. Trust me on this one.
  • Fact Two: ISIS is able to recruit far more than AQ was ever able to accomplish. We would be remiss in our duties if we do not ask why.
  • Fact Three: You cannot imagine the anger brewing amongst Sunni Arabs because they see terror striking home instigated by Iran. I have seen if first-hand. This makes them ISIS-ready.
  • Fact Four: Obama committing to strike at the heart of Sunni extremism while letting Shia extremism run amok killing Sunni civilians with savagery is a very grave mistake. It will come back to haunt the US and its allies in the region.
  • Fact Five: If the US continues attacking ISIS and giving a free pass to Assad, ISIS will go underground and its sympathizers will swell its ranks. This will destabilize US allies in the region and will multiply exponentially the danger to America.

I urge the wisdom of National Security Adviser Susan Rice (@SusanRice) and Ambassador Samantha Power (@AmbassadorPower) in convincing President Obama either to strike both ISIS and Assad to look neutral in this Sunni-Shia conflict or let them battle each other to free the US from any responsibility in the future that it took sides. We cannot afford to expose the US any further.

I am afraid Steven Walt, who is advocating for a covert partnership with Assad, does not understand the Middle East well. His advice will harm Mr. Obama’s legacy.