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Assassination by the Telegraph

If you want some real antisemitism, you need look no further than the UK’s Telegraph……
Israel assassinates Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza Strip (11 May 2023)

A quick glance at a dictionary reveals: assassination is murder by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons.

The article goes on to say that Ali Ghali was targeted inside a safehouse in a predawn airstrike. I am not sure where the idea of a safehouse for terrorists comes from. Perhaps when Israeli civilians can live safely in their houses, free from indiscriminate rocket attack, we can let terrorists live safely.

The article was followed by many readers’ comments, nearly all favourable to Israel. Just an hour later, all the comments had been removed and no more allowed. So much for freedom of speech in the Telegraph.

It is easy for people living far away to tell us Israelis how to live our lives.
We could remind the Telegraph’s readers that the UK had no problem when it felt its interests were in danger. In 1982 it used overwhelming force in its continuing occupation of Argentina’s property – the Malvinas, islands many thousands of miles from the UK.

Time for the Telegraph to stop assassinating Israel’s good name.

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