Augmented Reality to Tuck Your Kids

Vardinon, the Israeli Textile and Houseware company, launched an Augmented Reality (AR) app that will encourage kids to go to bed. The app that synchs with Vardinon’s pillowcases tells a bed time story, teaches about our solar system and includes a number of AR games.

Augmented Reality combines the real world environment as captured by the device’s camera with embedded virtual objects created by the computer, usually using 3D graphics and animation. AR is a playground for many new innovations. It turns out that Vardinon tapped into this world of AR with an especially fun and useful app.

The app was launched with a capsule collection of bedding to be sold in special popups. The bedding, specifically the collection’s pillow cases, activates the app and opens a world of adventures. Each bedding set has its own games and apps, but they all have a bedtime story and an educational solar system game.  For example, a puzzle game in which the player (virtually) collects the pieces around the room and then assembles them, bears that come out of the pillow and talk to the viewer, etc.

The collection, which is priced similarly to other new Vardinon bed linen (starting at NIS 149.90 for single sets), comes in several lovely designs: three sleeping sets 100% cotton for children (including a night glowing set) and two sets of soft and luxurious Mix & Match adult sets. There are also microfiber blankets and a collection of cool notebooks and pencils.  The pillow cases that activate the app are priced at NIS 59.90.

Vardinon-AR Tammy Bar-Shay

This is yet another innovation that comes from an Israeli company, a market-leading country of ideas! So next time you want your kids to go to bed, just remind them to take the iPad with them, and Vardinon AR will tell them their bedtime story!

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