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Australian cli-fi movie ‘2067’ is cerebral SF, puts ‘Down Under’ on Hollywood map

A top film reviewer in New York named Julian Roman has seen the movie and says it’s about a nuclear technician who tries to save humanity from a climate disaster in a ”smarter than expected” cli-fi flick starring Kodi Smit-McPhee.

“2067” was in the works Down Under for over a year and is out now, a real cli-fi thriller from Australian writer/director Seth Larney.

The film is set in a dystopian future where climate change has eradicated all plant life, according to film critic Roman. ”Humans survive by breathing synthetic oxygen, but at a terrible cost. The artificial air causes a “sickness” that is killing the remaining population,” he writes.

”2067” cuts back and forth to pivotal moments in the main character’s life. We see these scenes from other perspectives as he uncovers the truth. The unanswered questions that drive the story will keep viewers guessing until the very end. The film tries to balance the intricate narrative with heavy philosophical themes, according to those who have seen it.

In fact,, it’s an indie cli-fi film that looks like a big-budget Hollywood cli-fi film. It has an impressive production design and special effects, according to Roman, noting: “We watch as the world succumbs to a [cli-fi] disaster. The aftermath is a bleak hellscape of industrial pollution, oxygen ATMs, and blood-sputtering death.”

Cli-fi movie fans will like the movie’s conclusion as well as the story’s sophistication.

The puzzle comes together for an exhilarating, surprisingly deliberative finale. “The line between faith and science is not always clear. Both are needed to achieve the extraordinary, especially when facing the dire consequences of climate change,” adds Roman.

“2067” is now available ”on demand” from RLJE Films. Google the title for details and to see a trailer. It’s 2020 now and the year 2067 is not so far away. It’s the near future.

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