About Me
Rabbi Ari Sytner is a therapist, Huffington Post Blogger, licensed social worker, author of The Kindey Donor’s Journey and the Director of Leadership and Community Development at Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future. Training community lay leaders, rabbis, and rabbinic students in the art of Jewish leadership, Rabbi Sytner uses his talents and passions to inspire the full spectrum of the Jewish people and to help build healthier models for successful synagogues, with a particular focus on millennial engagement. Rabbi Sytner is originally from Monsey, NY. A student of Rabbi Berel Wein, he has served on the pulpit for 13 years energizing out-of-town communities including Des Moines, Iowa and Charleston, South Carolina. He holds a Bachelors in psychology, a Masters in education, a Masters in social work and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Social Work on the topic of divorce in the Orthodox community. Rabbi Sytner lives in New Jersey with his wife Chana and four children.