About Me
Arye Baratz was born in 1952 in Moscow. In 1976 he graduated from the Biological Department of the 2nd Moscow State Medical School. Between 1993 and 1996 Arye Baratz was enrolled at the Beit Morasha of Jerusalem: The Academic Center for Jewish Studies and Leadership. Following his emigration to Israel in 1992 Arye Baratz has written hundreds of journalistic essays and theological-philosophical articles for the largest Russian-language Israeli newspaper “Vesti”. In 1998 the Jerusalem Publishing Center produced “The Presumption of Humanity” – Arye Baratz’ study of European culture in a Judaic context. In 2004 the Gesharim produced “Two Names of the God”. In 2007 the publisher "Met" prodused "There and Always", and in 2008 the same publisher "Met" prodused "A Theology of Complementarities". Over the past several years Baratz has written a number of other still unpublished books.