Chaim Oren

Chaim Oren

Wellbeing Expert
About Me
Chaim Oren is a wellbeing expert. He writes and lectures about wellbeing. He is also a Brand Ambassador for Hintsa Performance- a global leader in wellbeing and human performance. Chaim is an accomplished international marketer in the US, Europe and Israel. Having started his career at the New York office of Young & Rubicam, he later co-founded Zoëtics Inc., a Manhattan-based strategic marketing consulting firm where he advised Fortune 500 companies. After returning to Israel, he held senior management positions at the Israeli office of McCann Erickson, an American global advertising agency, and Ruder Finn, a global public relations agency. He also served as the CEO of Tupperware’s Israeli branch ( NASDAQ TUPP) and later managed the Israeli office of Jupiter Research( NASDAQ FORR). Most recently he served as the Commercial Representative for the State of Connecticut in Israel.
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