Daniel Gold

Daniel Gold

Always concerned with the affairs of the middle east
About Me
Daniel Gold Lives in Ottawa Canada where he works as a professional in digital marketing. He's Jewish and has always felt a deep connection to Israel and has great love for his family which lives in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, California and Canada. On the Gold side of his family, he can trace his roots back to the region to the 17th century. His mother was born in Lebanon one of 3 children. Carole Gold use to tell Daniel stories of growing up in Beirut, where she used to play, where she used to go to the beach with her friends, where she worked at a television studio. What it was like to live as an unmarried woman alone in an apartment block being starred at by the doorman in the 1960s. Clearly, a woman of ill repute to be on her own. What it was like to hear people in the streets yelling death to the Jews after the 67 war. What it was like suddenly finding herself uninvited from her friends' parties because she was a Jew. What it was like for the men who worked for her at the Television station ache because she had a position of authority as a woman. What it was like for her to flee and come to Israel through Turkey when it was no longer safe in Lebanon. Daniel's father grew up in Winnipeg the child of parents from the Russian/ Polish border who came to Canada looking for a better life which it became for Daniel's father in defiance of the typical antisemitism of the day.
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