Esther Erman

Esther Erman

Life Member, Hadassah Central Pacific Coast
About Me
Esther Erman, a Life Member of Hadassah Central Pacific Coast, was born in Germany very soon after World War II to two Holocaust survivors from Poland. Learning English as a second language in kindergarten inspired her to write a dissertation about Yiddish. She eventually earned a doctorate in language education from Rutgers University. A writer, teacher, and a proud mother and bubbe, Esther now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband. She loves to read, cook, bake, knit, and quilt. She also loves to travel, especially to be with family in Chicago, New Jersey, and Yorkshire, England. Esther aspires to highlight the challenges, dreams, and accomplishments of strong women in her writing—such as Rebecca, the heroine of her novel, Rebecca of Salerno: A Novel of Rogue Crusaders, a Jewish Female Physician, and a Murder, being published August 2022 by She Writes Press.
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