About Me
Born to a family of travel professionals, Gilad had earned his wings in the tourism industry by early teenage years, fomenting a passion for travel and entrepreneurship that remains strong to this day. Only Six Degrees, his newest travel venture, aims is to transform any vacation or adventure abroad into an act of social good. He became partner on Secret Tel Aviv after moving to the ‘White City’ following his military service, with a focus on connecting Tzabarim and Olim through the city’s rich cultural landscape. Gilad is also the founder and executive director of Travel+SocialGood, the first conference and community to explore the nexus of travel, tech and social good. He’s spoken on the subject of travel and impact in several conferences, and currently sits on the board of the African Travel Association. He Graduated from Brandeis University with a BA/MA in Comparative History and splits his time between Tel Aviv and New York City.