Jada Mayo

Jada Mayo

About Me
I am a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Science, and a minor in Political Science. I was recognized for academic excellence, and I am an inducted member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. I am currently serving as a legislative aide and I plan to start law school in August 2024. My advocacy for Israel is deeply rooted in a profound connection, driving my passion to contribute positively to its narrative. Committed to community engagement, I dedicate my time to mentoring the Teen Israel Leadership Conference, where I educate high school students on the Israel-Palestine conflict, effective communication about Israel, and strategies to combat antisemitism. Beyond my academic and professional pursuits, I love to travel, and it is a goal of mine to continue to see the world and experience new cultures. After spending a summer in Rome and exploring Europe, I am inspired to continue my global adventures, with a goal to further enrich my understanding of the world through travel.
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