About Me
John D. Calvin is is a Senior Fellow at the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) in Washington D.C., advocating for the security and well-being of the United States and the State of Israel. He is a West Bank native, born in 1990 to a prominent Hamas-founding family, who are radical Muslims and unabashedly anti-Semitic. He was groomed to one day lead Hamas and carry on his family’s legacy. At the age of 14, John had a humane and a compassionate encounter with Israeli Jews. The encounter was more than he had seen his entire life and contrary to everything he was taught. He gave up his family’s beliefs and values and made the decision to move out of his family’s domain by the age of 16. At 19 John converted to Christianity and was endangered due to Muslim and Palestinian apostasy laws and traditions. He barely escaped with his life to Canada where he attended college before moving to the US.