Ruth Tepler Roth

Ruth Tepler Roth

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Ruth Tepler Roth received her MS from the Columbia University School of Social Work and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. She has previously worked in the field of marketing and sales in the healthcare industry as VP of Marketing/Sales at an insurance company specializing in mental health/substance abuse services, and more recently as director of admissions/PR at a private yeshiva elementary school. She is a wife, and a mother of three children - two daughters, and a son, who took his own life. As one would expect, this cataclysmic event in her life caused a major shift in her awareness and thinking about mental illness and she devotes much of her time and energy to help destigmatize mental illness, and to be supportive of people who struggle with their own mental illness, and parents and siblings of those who suffer from a mental illness. She writes on topics related to mental illness awareness in daily life. It is more than a worthy cause; it is part of what heals her.
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