Ruthanne Warnick

Ruthanne Warnick

Member, Hadassah National Assembly
About Me
Ruthanne Warnick, who currently serves in the Hadassah National Assembly as part of the Program Department team, has been a leader with Hadassah for more than 30 years. S¬¬he served in many leadership roles at the local, regional, and national levels, starting in Huntsville, Alabama, and then for 25 years living in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In addition to membership outreach, fundraising, training and public speaking, and leadership development roles, Ruthanne served as a group, chapter, and region president. She is the founder of Capture the Journey and the Stories from Your Lifetime Network. She is a champion of capturing and sharing family stories and history to connect past, present, and future generations. In addition to working with individual clients, Ruthanne is available to speak to groups. She is a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor and holds a Master of Science degree in Geography.
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