Yehoshua Weber

Yehoshua Weber

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Rabbi Yehoshua Weber is the founder of the Ohr Tzvi young men’s program, a maggid shiur at Or Chaim and a teacher at Ateres Bais Yaakov, all in Monsey, NY. He is Rabbi Emeritus of Toronto’s Clanton Park Synagogue, where he was a member of the beis din and served in many areas of community leadership. He has lectured widely in North America, Russia and the Ukraine, He is renowned for shiurim that address complex contemporary issues and that add historical and social context, for bringing Midrashim to life and for heartfelt, inspirational sermons.. He has maintained regular columns and has been published in many periodicals and writes a popular weekly parsha column. He and his wife Leah, a special education teacher, have seven children and have fostered children for many years, including the Lev Tahor children
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