Yuval David

Yuval David

Filmmaker, Director, Actor, News Commentator, Activist and Advocate
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About Me
Yuval David is an Emmy-Award winning actor, director, and filmmaker who has won over 100 international film festival awards, and has played roles in shows and productions with ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Hulu, FX, HBO, Comedy Central, Disney, and Sony, including “Feud,” “Madam Secretary,” “What Would You Do,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Michael J Fox Show,” “Days of Our Lives,” and many others. One of his newest shows will air on FX and Hulu at the end of this year. He appears on broadcast news programs in the US, Israel, and internationally as a news commentator and writes articles for international publications [including i24 News, Fox, NBC, CBS, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Out Magazine, and many online news platforms]. He is an active leader in Israeli, American, and international Jewish communities, focusing on causes pertaining to Jewish, Zionist, LGBTQ, civil rights, and social justice. Yuval collaborates with national and global organizations as a speaker, advisor, workshop leader, and creates film and social media content with them. Yuval advises dozens of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Yuval meets with political leaders in the US, Israel, and internationally, advocating for Jewish and LGBTQ causes. He also works to represent and help rescue LGBTQ people out of dangerous and life threatening situations internationally, primarily from countries that follow sharia law. His goal to entertain, uplift, and inspire guides his creative work and his social and political activism, as he motivates people within the pursuit of greater representation, inclusion, acceptance, and celebration of self and community identity. Yuval is active across social media, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. You can view more on Yuval and his work at these links below:
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