Authoritarian, Autocrat, Oligarch

Image from sketch for intaglio print, by Audrey N. Glickman, used with permission.

The other day I was asked by a reporter whether I feel Donald Trump is an anti-Semite.

My response was essentially that I think Donald Trump pays homage to whomever he finds convenient at the moment, dislikes anyone he perceives as against him, and truly only likes himself.  He is an authoritarian.

Trump has put up smoke screens and couched the truth in cushioning lies, and people have believed him.  They continue to buy in to the falsehoods!

The tax break we all got becomes a major tax increase within ten years for those who earn less than $70,000 a year, under that same legislation he keeps touting.   His crowded maskless rallies have led to 30,000 COVID-19 cases and 700 deaths (according to a Stanford University study).  He just issued an executive order taking away civil service protections for government employees, thus giving himself the ability to fire them for disloyalty.

He let himself out of the hospital while still infectious and made his drivers take him on a victory trip around the block, endangering the health of numerous individuals.

He plants seeds of doubt in the integrity of the election, so that should he lose he can sue to rearrange the results.  He put onto the Supreme Court the third of the lawyers who served the Bush candidacy in Bush v. Gore in 2000, just in case the Supreme Court will be deciding this election.

He will disable the Affordable Care Act despite so many being unemployed and thus without health insurance in the middle of a pandemic.

He continues to shape the world exactly as his supporters want it – the rich are getting richer, the fossil fuels are flowing freely, science is ignored, the disenfranchised are more put upon, the disenchanted are encouraged to blame their grief on other disenfranchised persons (and tacitly implied is they may go harm them if they wish, with the readily available guns and ammo).  He blames all ills on the Democrats, whom he terms “enemies.”  The planet is dying at a frightening pace, thus causing fires and floods and storms and viruses due to damaged ecosystems and weather cycles, and Trump feels it is not worth caring about, since we can blame someone else.

Blame is his way of life.  He is an autocrat, and an oligarch (by training if not actual success).  He views everyone as toadies and flunkies, and when they disagree with him or dare to question him, he fires them.

Does he say everything the evangelicals want him to say?  Sure, because they vote for him!  Is he religious?  Well, he had to use tear gas to get a photo holding a Bible in front of a church.

Does he pay lip service to the anti-abortion sector?  Yes.  Does he give a hoot about abortion?  Not likely.  He just wants them to vote for him, and the toadies will pass the necessary laws to keep them happy.

Does he set a good example?  A maskless no.  A bullying no.  An accusatory no.  A whole generation of children will grow up not wanting to be president because he is so negative.

Foreign policy?  He alienates our allies!  He partners with other autocrats and authoritarians.  Should he find a way to have a third and fourth term in office, they would be able to split the spoils among themselves.

Division is what he feeds on, as that keeps us all occupied while he robs us blind.

He has just about destroyed a decent political party.  He needs to stay in office so he won’t go to jail for all the crimes we now know he has committed.

His supporters are spending millions putting lies into the media about Joe Biden, and talking up Trump’s perverse hyper-pseudomasculine ego as “strong.”

We are fighting a pandemic!  Why would we need a “strong” offense?  We need a caring defense.  We need to return to being people!  We need to get back to talking and living with one another, coexisting without anger and division.  We need the government to keep the lights on, keep us safe from outside attack, maintain highways, tend the planet and our health and welfare, and help us get through times of crisis.  We need the executive branch of the government to lead, not to pander and swagger, sell us short, lie and obfuscate, divide and bully.

And we need common sense to carry the day.  Please.  Oligarchy is wrong.  The world has enough autocrats.  And to that reporter who asked me the question, authoritarianism does enable anti-Semites and other white supremacists to attack through words or deeds….  Because the person at the helm thrives on the division and is really only for himself.

About the Author
Author of POCKETS: The Problem with Society Is in Women's Clothing (, Audrey N. Glickman is a rabbi’s assistant, with prior experience in nonprofits, government, advertising, and as a legal secretary. A native Pittsburgher, Audrey has served on many boards, organizations, and committees, advocating for many causes, including equal rights, secure recountable voting, preserving the earth, good government, improving institutions, and understanding and tending to our fellow human beings.
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